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How to visit Tehran at 5- days
There are so many options to discover Tehran in terms of cultural, historical, Anthropology and natural attractions, that many visitors spend little time in this mega capital city. But in addition to its different sites, Tehran offers a great insight into modern-day Iran and its people.

Follow us to spend five exciting days in Tehran to get familiar with this new mega city.

The great size, traffic, and bustle of Tehran can intimidate all new travelers,

Day1: Get oriented
The great size, traffic, and bustle of Tehran can intimidate all new travelers, so spend your first day to recognizing your surroundings and the rhythm of the city by exploring its three main landmarks. The most famous symbol of the capital, from Pahlavi dynasty (1925 - 1979), is the Azadi Tower, was built in 1971 to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire. Walking around the marble monument and snap a few selfies to officially Instagram your arrival to the city. Then, visit the Milad Tower, the sixth tallest tower in the world. This part of your tour will complete with a stop on several floors of the tower, but we recommend the abbreviated tour of the Open Observation Deck, which offers sweeping 360-degree views of Tehran. At the end of your daily tour, check out Tehran’s newest landmark, the multi-award winning Tabiat Bridge, where you can also take a bite to eat & drink and do some serious people watching.

Discover the Old Tehran

Day2: Discover the Old Tehran
Today is the day of history and the heart of Tehran. Start your morning at the Golestan Royal Palaces complex, once the seat of the Qajar dynasty’s government.
Then a stony walking pedestrian guides you to the old Grand Bazaar and watches the flood of the population who are watching and buying the goods. You’re sure to get lost in the various labyrinth of Bazar, but that leads to pleasant surprises. The bazaar has lunch options, such as the famous Moslem Restaurant, or Shamshiry (sword) restaurant or others. After fat and delicious lunch walk over to 30 Tir Street (10 min walk) and visit a must-see museum, the National Museum of Iran where you can find the history of Iran briefly, the National Jewelry Treasury and the Glassware and Ceramics Museum are other options to visit nearby, but those who wish to get off the beaten track should explore the old neighborhoods around Naser Khosrow Street (where you’ll find the architecturally curious Saraye Roshan and Marvi Alley) and Lalezar Street (the one-time cultural hub of Tehran).

Take a stroll through the bustling Tajrish Bazaar

Day3: Fine art and relaxation
The north of Tehran has a different landscape, the tall and old tree has made a green area at top of Tehran, and it’s no wonder why the former monarchs and merchants settled in these parts. Visit Niavaran the Winter Palace and the Shah’s family main residence. Take a stroll through the bustling Tajrish Bazaar where you can buy some street food or snacks before going to Sa’ad Abad Palace, the Shah’s luxurious summer residence. Other than the two main palaces, the Fine Arts Museum and the Royal Costume Museum are also worth visits. This palace laid on the foothills of Darband area, so when you’re done, take a short walk up north to this peaceful village where you can find a cozy cliffside restaurants and dine on some mouthwatering kebabs and end your day in nature.

Tehran Carpet Museum

Day 4: Culture
Tehran is Iran’s cultural center, so there’s no better place than it. Artistic museums, carpet museums, art galleries, calligraphic museums, painting museums and more one are the places can spell on you. Visit the Tehran Contemporary of Art Museum to see the likes of Warhol, Pollock, Magritte, and Monet alongside renowned Iranian artists. The Iranian Artists’ Forum is another excellent locale to discover the whos-who of Tehran’s contemporary art world. Check out the best galleries in the city to uncover local artists’ latest exhibitions and if you are visiting on a Friday when many of these galleries have exhibition openings, you’ll be in for a real treat. In the evening, try a local pop or classical concert or check out a play.

Tehran is unique in its own position natural

Day 5: Nature day
Tehran is unique in its own natural position. The tall mountains, various ski slopes, different dams, green valleys, the natural protected area, parks, and the Botanical Garden all are the Tehran's special natural scenery that you can enjoy them. You can hike in Darband or Tochal mountain and talk with the people and drink the best Iranian tea at local restaurants. If you are visiting in the winter, there are also plenty of options to go skiing nearby like Tochal, Dizin, Shemshak, and Darbandsar. During the warmer months, take a day trip out to Tange Vashi, a gorge repleted with carved rock reliefs and Qajar-era ruins, or Khojir and Sorkheh Hesar National protected area Parks, which offer significant views of Mount Damavand and a wide array of flora and fauna.