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Tabriz Behnam House

Undoubtedly, Iranian houses like Behnam House in Tabriz with a masterpiece and wonderful architecture and decorations would be the most interesting part of your Iran tour. These houses with different parts like Private and public sections of the house, the safe and private entrance, platform, corridor, porch, and large and flowered courtyards provide the highest level of comfort, and services to the guests. Traditional houses in Iran will easily surprise you with their unique decorations and architecture.  No matter if you are an architecture enthusiast or not, you will be mesmerized by the ingenuity of these ancient houses. They are not just a house. They present the rich Persian culture, lifestyle, attitudes, principles, and religion.

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Tabriz Behnam House

Behnam House is one of the oldest houses in Tabriz that is changed to the Art University. It has remained from the Zand dynasty (1750–1794), and during the Qajar era (1781–1925), was substantially renovated and embellished with ornamental paintings. This beautiful Qajar building was not only a residence for Qajar princes but also had been a place for training them.
This building 1900 Sqm like all Iranian traditional houses has different parts(Andarouni, Birouni, Hall, Corridor, Panj Dari & se Dari),  Behnam's House has two different and separate buildings. One is called  Winter Building, and the other one is a smaller residence, called Summeral.

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Tabriz Behnam House - Decoration of the walls

One of the most important features of the Behnam historical house is the completeness of the architectural plan of the complex, the variety of rooms with different decorations, as well as the different dimensions of the rooms with respect to the symmetry of the facade, which adds to the beauty of the building.

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Tabriz Behnam House - Decoration of the windows

The various decorations used in this historic house, such as various wall paintings, wall heaters, different decorative columns, beautiful capitals and Girih Tiles, and Islamic Geometric Designs, will fascinate every viewer. During a renovation project in 2009, previously unknown miniature frescoes were discovered in this house.