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Khansar, the city of flowers and honey

If you plan to visit one of the nature tourism attractions near Isfahan, Khansar city, known as the city of flowers and honey, will be your best destination. It is one of the historical cities located 150 km northwest of Isfahan city. its magnificent springs and green nature make this city more attractive. This Eco-tourism destination, along with historical attractions and a wide range of traditional residences and hotels, has become a lovely destination for nature lovers.

Khansar, the city of flowers and honey

Khwansar is located at an altitude of 2,250 above sea level in an area not far from the central desert of Iran, about 150 kilometers northwest of Isfahan city. It is surrounded from the north and east by Golpayegan city and to the south and west, is limited by Faridan city. Its historical past goes beyond a millennium, and from the Safavid era, it was one of the largest scholarly and theological centers, such as the reputed and ancient Alavi School. It is famous for its honey and flower-filled gardens in the country.

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Khansar Fritillaria flowers

Early spring (May & Apr)is the best season to travel to Khansar, a city known for its overturned tulips, honey, and colorful flower gardens. For this reason and due to the viewing of tulips and spring nature, every year this city hosts various tourists from all over Iran.

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bee colonies in Khansar city

Khansar Tourist Attractions

Although this city is not far from the desert of Isfahan, various water springs, and high mountains have created a region with a mild climate and one of the most pleasant climatic conditions. It is one of the favorite summer destinations.

What to see

It is said that Khansar is a complete symbol of the garden city in Iran and is full of walkable garden alleys. Thus the green streets with tall and old trees, dense fruit orchards, vast green plats, and various springs with fresh water, are the best places that will attract all tourists. But among these natural attractions, some historical monuments can satisfy you well.

Pigeon towers in Khansar city
Pigeon Towers in Khansar

Safavids theological school: It remained from Shah Soltan Hosein the last king of the Safavid dynasty(15th century).

Abhari & Habibi Houses: These Qajar-era traditional houses belong to 150 years ago and are a sample of Iranian traditional houses with original decoration and Iranian architectural elements.

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The Jameh Mosque of Khansar

Khansar Bazar: This traditional Bazar like all Iranian Bazars is a collection of various Iranian art tile-work, and plasterwork, which is decorated to amaze not only the local visitors but also the tourists from all over Iran.

Aryai Hill: One of the oldest and ancient attractions located 35 km away from this city in Rahmat Abad village. It belongs to 4000 years ago.

The Jameh Mosque of Khansar: This 12th-century mosque with 3000sqm, a simple plan and decoration is one of the most beautiful mosques in Isfahan province.

What to buy in Khansar city

What to buy? Where to buy?

Khansar is known for its honey which is why there are 32,000 bee colonies in the city, and more than 350 tons of honey is shipped annually to other cities. Also, the dried fruits (walnuts, almonds, apricot leaves) and Khansar Gaz are very famous and are bought as souvenirs by travelers. Take a walk in the traditional market of this city and try all kinds of food and yummy things that are generously offered to you by the sellers. Undoubtedly the unique test of Iranian organic garden products would have a long effect on your sense of taste. Another Khansar souvenir is a Sarouf rug which is mentally woven from Nomad nodes and you have to go to Vist village to buy it.

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Where to stay in Khansar city
Where to stay?

This city with a variety of standard hotels, App hotels, eco-lodge, and traditional houses is a dreamy place for comfortable accommodation with traditional local dishes.
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How to get it?

this green city is located 380 Km from Tehran and 170 Km from Isfahan. There are various Public Bus services from Tehran and Isfahan to Khansar city. You can select one of the schedules due to your program.
Ticket price from 4 US$.