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Iran Eco-Tourism

A house with fresh bread and the taste of real life. Sometimes you think with yourself, I wish I were in a cottage in the woods or a house in a small but beautiful village away from the smoke and traffic and the bustle of urban living.

an enjoyable accommodation in old Iranian houses

We have thought about this issue many times and many times. Dream of sleeping in a wooden cottage in the forest with the smell of firewood, hearing the sound of burning wood, waking up in the fog of morning and excited by all this beauty and wonder. Drinking a glass of fresh tea and eating hot bread and local cheese in such an atmosphere is very enjoyable. The imagination of such a place is also very enjoyable.

Iran Eco-Tourism Diversity

One night at Hirkanian forest  with local villagers

Staying in one of the village cottages in the Hyrcanian forests, Watching local villagers, Poultry, and the local relaxing silence is one of the best nature gifts to you.
You can also spend one night at a 7,000-year-old house in one of the stone and hand-made houses in one of the historic Meymand or Kandovan villages.
Eco-Tourism is one of the tourism capacities shaped by respect to nature and the environment and welcomed by tourists in recent years. Worldwide ecotourism has begun 25 years ago to promote cultural and environmental awareness, as well as promote a culture of respect for nature and indigenous people. Thus, one of the most important needs is the creation of friendly cottages which is adapted to nature. In Iran, there are also houses designed and renovated or constructed that are compatible with these principles.

The Eco-tourism resort, Experience a different residence
Iranian old traditional houses

Eco-Tourism in Iran
Eco-Tourism houses in Iran are based on historical texture, native architecture, and natural landscape of the region, and have a great deal of interaction with the local community. Most of these homes are run by the locals themselves. Various rural houses have been built-in different cities and villages of Iran. You can stay in one of the hundreds of rural homes according to your taste. In these resorts, they try to make familiarize the tourists with the traditional way of life in that particular place and use local cuisine.

Village Tourism

Iranian traditional house

The value of Eco-Tourism
In ecotourism, the tourists getting know the culture and lifestyle of the region's people and participate in their daily activities. The Local people with showing their customs to tourists, selling their handicrafts to them, and contributing tourists to their daily activities, recognize the value of their cultural heritage and try to keep it better than last. In addition, they will try to maintain what is attractive for tourists, Because it will be one of the ways and resources for them to make money.