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Iran Tourism Expectations vs Reality 

Iran is one of the unknown countries in the field of tourism. Despite the ancient history and long experience in the tourism industry, the tourists do not have a clear picture of a trip to Iran due to the lack of proper introduction to Iran on social media. Many social media and international tourism websites have not included Iran in their tourism list, consequently, no correct information has been provided. Many tourists encounter false news about Iran when planning their trip to Iran.

Some of the most famous rumors are:

Iran is a desert and arid country.
Iran is the same Taliban and terrorists.
Women in Iran should wear Borgha(Afghanistan woman's face cover).
There are no tourism services in Iran.
Dirty restaurants without a variety

But the reality is laid n the heart of Iranian society that negates all rumors and makes tourists eager to return back to this beautiful land for the second time.
When telling friends and family about your intention to visit Iran, the typical reaction involves a questioning expression followed by a "Why?"
But a visit to Iran offers not only magnificent colorful Persian mosques, gardens, and palaces with deep history but also a passport stamp that will be the envy of many seasoned travelers.

Deylaman Dorfak area Gilan province
Deylaman Dorfak area Gilan province

Expectation: Iran is a desert land with hot weather
Reality: Iran is a four seasons country with a variety of landscapes

Someone might think Iran is like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Iraq and a real desert country with no local rivers or mountains. But Iran is one of the few four seasons countries in the world. Where you can experience all seasons simultaneously. Experience exciting skiing in the Alborz Mountains ski slopes white snow and simultaneously a unique water sport in the Persian Gulf is a rare experience that you haven't seen yet. Iran's roaring rivers in the Central Plateau of Iran will increase your Adrenaline, while you are rafting and watching the untouched beauties of the green plains of Zagros and Alborz. Conquer one of the 400 peaks above 4000 meters of Iran and have a tempting view from the top of Iran's continuous mountains. Yes, here is Iran with beautiful and diverse nature that you may not have seen anywhere.

A trip to the Caspian lake's coasts the Paradise of Iran
Iranian women are in the burqa

Expectation: women are in the burqa
Reality: Iranians are very fashionable and very concerned with the brand.

This is a wrong idea that Iranian women are clad in Burgha, and their eyes are peeking out when they are in public.
This is not true. It is, however, true that wearing a headscarf is compulsory in Iran, even for travelers.
But this is just a scarf on your head, Not with more Toughness.
But at the same time, you can also spot fashionable women sporting fashionable mantles with hair overwhelming with their worn hijab for free use, especially in less conservative cities like Tehran and Shiraz. At the same time, this comes with distant blond hair, fancy nails, high heels, and above all, omnipresent nose cassettes that have recently done nose work. So yes, there are women who push the limits with regard to the dress code.

Persian Concert

Expectation: Iranians are very hard religious groups
Reality: The restrictive laws are imposed by the religious department, but not everyone embraces them

Many people do not accept the laws provided by the government or various religious groups due to various social, political, and cultural reasons. Although there are various strict rules, they do not pay attention to many cases.

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Iranians are terrorists not hospitable

Expectation: Iranians are terrorists
Reality: Iranians are incredibly, overwhelmingly, unbelievably hospitable. Iranian exaggerate hospitality

Terrorism with Iranian hospitality has an obvious contradiction that you will fully feel when you go to Iran.
The only kind of "terror" you are potentially faced with is when the inhabitants kidnap you for a sumptuous dinner with their family (and their parents extended) and when you face terrible indigestion after that because they continue to complete your plate. Or when a total stranger insists on taking you to the city and paying everything, taxis, and meals or the entrance fees, without wanting anything in return.

Tourists in Iran

Expectation: Iran is difficult for travelers to explore
Reality: Travelling in Iran is a BREEZE

Iran is one of the most convenient countries in the world to visit with various transportation facilities.
Bus connections between the cities are abundant - simply appear in a terminal and a room will direct you to the right stand. Taxis abound outside road stations and airports, and there is also an application called SNAPP (similar to Grab or Uber) which can bring you to the city at an affordable price and without hassle. In tourist cities, there are hotels, hostels, and guest houses that you can choose from. And above all, when you need help, due to being a tourist and a "guest" of the country, the inhabitants will make your problems disappear.

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Abbassi Hotel Restaurants

Expectation: Lack of enough tourist services
Reality: There are different solutions

Iran is usually doesn't mention in the tourist forums and is not a top travel destination for passengers. In some countries, many assume that Iran is not ready to offer basic services that travelers. Although many online booking services in Iran are not possible, travel agencies & tour operators provide very logical and clever solutions for you. The Iranian government and private investors have always sought in recent years to attract more tourists.
The advantages of this effort are already harvested: Internet services can take care of your visa application; New inns, traditional houses, and eco-lodges are constantly open, applications are now used for transportation, you can find visits and activities for almost anything, and you can find tourist police in some cities. In a few words, the tourist services are abundant and solutions are offered for all the disadvantages of the hard currency.

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Most tourists would not expect the locals to speak any English.

Expectation: No English talking
Reality:  You can always find people that speak enough of it

Most tourists would not expect the locals to speak any English.
This is entirely wrong! While of course, not everybody here speaks English, you can always find people that speak enough of it, or even some French, in a matter of less than a minute when you need it. Even street signs are in English, so you never got lost. As a matter of fact, this troubled you a lot in Turkey, where meeting anyone speaking some English was like finding a needle in a haystack. Phew! Oh, and expect some great conversations!

Persepolis Remained Columns
Iran World Heritage Sites

Expectation: Iran has nothing to visit
Reality:  You would be surprised by Iran's Thousands of Years of History art and architecture

"Most ..." has always been an attractive description for human beings. This description is the main reason that has made that many tourists and travelers have put Iran on their route. Being described as "the most" is so attractive that many people try to make it known in different ways. For example, a tower is built at a world point to be the highest tower in the world in order to become renowned as such and attract many tourists.
Iran, however, is a place for many record figures, but many people know nothing about it. The following list includes 16 cases of the "most" remarkable recordings that Iran holds among all countries. It would certainly be a pleasure to read them.