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Tehran's Nightlife | What to do in Tehran at Night

When we talk about the nightlife, We can truly say that Tehran is a 24-hour city. Most fun activities start just after sunset in Tehran. Many travelers are wondering if there is no nightlife in Tehran without all the things they know and can not find here (at least not officially). we try to classify some suggestions for Iranian nightlife (mainly in Tehran). The difference between Tehran's nightlife and that of other popular capitals is largely due to its political, traditional, and religious status. The most important thing about this is that you have to read between the lines and know where to go when to go, what to do, and with whom. We admit that it is a little absurd or embarrassing for some readers who do not know the Iranian culture.

For The Young Travelers And Backpackers:
Go to Artists (Honarmandan) Park for hanging out, socialize, and meet hipster young people or art students.
Don’t be shy, go flow with them. The rest is up to you. Usually, you will find free-spirited ones who will suggest you a good plan for the night; Wondering how to get there by metro?


Bam-e-Tehran (the roof of Tehran) where you can see a spectacular view of Tehran. The roof of Tehran is a high ground that offers a beautiful view of Tehran and is also one of the passages leading to the summit of Tochal. People and young people generally go for hanging out, playing, making fresh, or walking between 9 pm and 10 pm and stay there until 2 or 3 am because it is open 24 hours a day.

Tehran Free Walking Tour

Cafes in Tehran

Nowadays we see that new modern Cafes are opened in Tehran and they are welcomed by younger. Go to hipster cafes like Café Nazdik, Sam Café, Lamiz Café, and Café Cinema & … to meet young souls and start a talk with them.

Accept Invitation
Iranian are the most hospitable people. They accept you in their meeting easily and maybe invite you to their house, party or other ceremonies. Accept an invitation to a house or a local ceremony. Well, all the previous suggestions lead you to somehow accept an invitation and let you go with people outside the experience of the place itself. Once again, in Iran, you have to be flexible about doing and don't.

Tehran Food and Beverage

Conservative travelers who want to stay in line and have fun too

Tabiat Bridge Tehran

Tabiat Bridge
Tabiat(Nature) bridge to get fresh air, see mesmerizing modern architecture, have dinner and meet nice welcoming people, great family, and also different type of people, it’s a great option. Since the bridge is open till midnight, you can spend the evening walking on it and then go to the Wooden Road International Foodcourt to seat with locals in a beautiful area for dinner; be sure that you would be invited by an Iranian great hospitable family to drink or eat some things with them, never miss this opportunity.

Persian Concert at night

Music concerts and theaters are some of the most important tools for getting to know the culture of a country's people. Go to music performances in one of the Iranian concert halls (Vahdat Hall, Milad Tower, or Roudaki Hall) to see Iran’s musical and theatrical arts. There are cafes and Restaurants around to get your night going around the concert hall. You can buy the tickets in advance on these websites:

Azari Tea House
Coffeehouses are one of the tools for exchanging information and culture in Iran from the past up to the present. These places are the best traditional gadget for your further acquaintance with Iranian people, culture, and tradition.
Azari Tea House
Go to the Azari Teahouse in Railway Square, south of Vali-e Asr street, to spend the night with the happiest people you can ever see, smoke hookah, enjoy excellent Persian cuisine and sing to folk live music all night long. Traditional folk music is given at Azari Tea Room (the oldest in Tehran) every evening from 20:30 to midnight. As it is popular with Iranians, you must book your table in advance.

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Darband Tehran

Darband area is located in the most northern point of Tehran and in the mountainous foothills of Darband, the most famous tourist destination in Iran, which is active 24 hours. This entertainment area with a wide range of social classes is the best place for nightlife.

30 Tir Street

30 Tir Street
A street with different functions during the 24 hours of a day.
where you can visit the National Museum of Tehran(Islamic& pre-Islamic museums), old buildings, the Glassware and ceramic museum, and the holy monuments of different religions which are made famous this street the "street of religious". 30-Tir Street is now the center of new experiences as it has been paved and closed at night and is a place for different street food. This street was one of the most modern areas of Tehran in the past. "Food and art" gave a different atmosphere to the nights of 30-Tir. The smell of street food, smoke BBQ, the sound of bursts of laughter, and street music brought the scene back to life.
The best way to get to 30-Tir Street is the Tehran subway. The nearest station is Imam-Khomeini station on line 1. The best time for this nightly event is from 18h or 19h.

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- If you want to spend all night, make sure you are not alone. Aside from the fact that it's safer, being alone is not in Iranian culture, Find someone.
- Of course, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world and people are almost the kindest you will meet in tourism, but none of this prevents you from missing fundamental security concerns. Like all other capitals, Tehran also has its dangers. Never carry too much money or your passport when it is late and you are alone, and always make sure someone knows where you are if you decide to spend time at school.
- Leave a phone number for your accommodation staff to call you if necessary. And believe it's for the best.