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16 Reasons Why You Should Not Go Iran
Surely you’ve heard a lot about Iran on different Social media Pages. All are true, Iran is a truly evil and terrifying place. Here we present 16 reasons you should never, ever, visit this godforsaken land.

1. The capital city is basically a ruin
A big city with no modern buildings, highways, beautiful streets, green parks, and beautiful places. surely, don't make satisfy you about travel to Tehran.

2. Iranian live in small mud shacks
They are simple muddy houses, without decorations, and poor.

3. Villages are pretty much what you would find anywhere else
If the village of Palangan, on the border with Iraq, looks anything impressive, it is only because of the lighting.
Nothing to do with the almost vertical positioning of the houses.

4. Iranian architecture is colorless, lackluster, and very simple
Why does no one want to visit the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz?

5. Iranian women are oppressed, bored, and out of fashion
It seems they need someone to release them.

6. The Persian food is unappetizing and unstylish
You will try the worst food of your life in Iranian restaurants
So never try these foods.

7. Iran with a poor history
12,000 thousand years of history and more than one million historical monuments are not worth visiting and spending time.

8. Historical and cultural tourists would be totally bored here
Numerous 8000-year-old objects, 3000-year-old bas-reliefs, 2500-year-old sculptures, and many historical monuments will surely bore you. Pff. your local museum is way better.

9. Iranian museums are empty
There is no Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, and definitely, no Warhol, Pollock, Munch, Hockney, or Rothko to see none. Don’t go there.

10. The mosques have no artistic intricating, decoration, and eye-catching view
The Iranian mosques are designed and painted by children with no artistic effects. don't waste your time there.

11. Where I come from ceilings are white… WHITE, you hear me?!
Chehel Sotoun Palace in Isfahan is so overrated.

12. It has the worst magical and boring countrysides
Why would anyone want to visit the mountainous region of Kurdistan, Nomad, or Sar agha Seyed village in Iran?

13. The only wildlife in Iran comprises mosquitos and cockroaches
There are no Asiatic cheetah, Persian Leopard, Persian fallow deer, Persian cat, Caspian seal, Hawksbill sea turtle, Golden eagle, Urial, and Armenian mouflon. They are just some legendary names at Iran flora.  

14. It is basically a great dusty and hellish desert
A desert country is devoid of vegetation.
The wide expanse of sand that reaches as far as the eye can see makes for a long and boring road trip, with no grass, no trees, and not even a local river.

15. Iranian rides camel
Cars? No. The only option is the camel.

16. There is no snow and winter sport in a desert country
There is no snow and no ski resorts in Iran, as we said, it’s all desert.
Dizin International ski resort and Tochal ski resort +30 ski resorts all over Iran are just a sweet dream.