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Malek-o-tojjar Antique Hotel
Yazd is the city of windcatchers and mud-brick houses dating back to the history of Iran. If you are going to stay in the first ًQajarid era mud-brick house/hotel in the world, this is it. an ancient mansion once belonged to a trustable merchant of Yazd by the name "Malek al Tojjar" now it is renovated and changed to an antique hotel for tourists who love Yazd. A narrow alley with high walls is the entrance of the house. A vast house with different eye-catching beauties that will amaze all visitors.
The beautiful porch, hexagonal vestibule, winter and summer chambers, terrace, amazing wooden pillars, the eye-catching courtyard, the lofty wind catcher, the big pool in the middle of the Yard, the basement corridors connecting different parts, and the mirror room have considerably added to the beauty of the building. The beautiful paintings that have decorated different parts of this unique house have been completed by skilled Shirazi artists for 10 years and therefore correspond to the paintings of the Narenjestan building in Shiraz. Malek-o-Tojjar as the first mud brick hotel worldwide was inaugurated in 1997 and became complete with 23 rooms and 77 beds.

Malek-o Tojjar Hotel Amenities
This hotel is equipped for the beauty lovers of Yazd to experience a comfortable and unforgettable stay in this beautiful and historical city. Due to the limitations of a historic house, we have tried to provide the best facilities for the guests. 23 rooms with different decorations - 24-hour reception - different restaurants - coffee shop - skilled staff and other services are part of our services for travelers. Our services encourage travelers to extend their pleasant stay to enjoy this beautiful place more.

The hotel has 23 rooms, each of which is decorated with the best Iranian architectural elements and beautiful paintings that have doubled their charms. All rooms are equipped with new amenities and facilities like a refrigerator, bathroom, TV, Internet, and other amenities required.

If you think that the Rahoma Hotel is ideal for your taste, you can make contact with us. We would be grateful if you ask us for any further inquiries.

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