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Amir Nizam House or Qajar Museum

If you are interested in history, art, and architecture, Amir Nizam's house or Qajar Museum is a collection of your best desires. This house of the Qajar period, which was praised by Naser Addin Shah Qajar, is one of the most beautiful houses of the Qajar period in Tabriz. This historical masterpiece house, which is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tabriz, has become a museum for introducing the Qajar government (1781-1925).

Amir Nizam House or Qajar Museum


The city of Tabriz usually was the residence of the Qajar crown princes to learn the necessary political education. The historic area of Sheshkelan, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tabriz and had been one of the governor's seats during the Ilkhanan dynasty, hosts some of the most exquisite historical monuments in the city of Tabriz. Tabriz Museum, Iron Museum, Blue Mosque, Amir Nizam House, and some other historical buildings are located in this area.
Among all the historical buildings in this region, Amir Nizam's House or Qajar Museum is one of the most beautiful Qajar houses due to its special architectural features and decorative arts.
The house of Amir Nizam Grossi is one of the most beautiful mansions left from the Qajar era. Amir Nizam Grossi, who was one of the political men and writers of the Qajar period, built this house for himself during the era of Naseruddin Shah.
This house with an area of 1,200 square meters belonged to Amir Nizam, one of the most important commanders and courtiers of the Qajar period, and was built during the period of Crown Prince Abbas Mirza (1833-1789). In 2006, this building became the Qajar Museum.


This mansion with 1500 square meters and two floors includes two separate parts. The inner part or private section for guests and the outer courtyards or public places. The total area of this building is 3000 square meters, on two floors. The vast yard and wide main porch with 16 columns and very beautiful capitals are one of the most beautiful parts of the exterior or Birooni (public) part. Both the interior and exterior parts of this building are decorated with beautiful ponds and flowered gardens. Various decorations including plastering, decorations, brickwork, and mirrorwork on the external and internal parts of the mansion, is a manifestation of Iranian art.

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Amir Nizam House or Qajar Museum the most beautiful traditional house in Tabriz

The basement of this residence, like many traditional houses in Iran, has been a place for summer residence (the basement is more cool compared to other parts), with beautiful brickwork and thick columns, and a small pond, is dedicated to a beautiful place to display some historical objects.
This section includes the following sections.
-stone hall
-Hall of Arms
-Hall of Government orders
-Hall of Architecture and Urban Planning
-locked hall
-Lantern Hall

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Amir Nezam Garosi House Tabriz
First Floor

On the first floor of this building, which is one of the most attractive and beautiful parts of this house, it will fascinate every viewer with sash lattice windows with colored glass, plasterwork on the north and south faces, as well as mirror work, and plasterwork in the interior halls.
The first floor of this building includes the following sections
-Coin Hall
-woven hall
-Chinese Hall
-Abgineh Hall
-Hall of Metals
-Music hall
-Khatam Hall