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How to spend 7 Days tour in Iran

If you are going to visit Iran and have a short time this is the very tour that you are searching for. Visiting all the historical sites and cities of Iran and getting to know this rich culture requires a lot of time and money. But on this short 7 days tour, you can get acquainted with the most important cities and historical monuments in the shortest possible time and discover an important part of Iran's culture and civilization.

Day 1 & 2 Tehran
Tehran's City Tour

Tehran the capital of Iran with 6000 years old history and 400 years old monuments is the start point or end of most itineraries. A city with many tourist attractions such as palaces, museums, parks, recreation, and historic landmark.  This bustling city, mysterious, chaotic, and polluted streets is Iran's most secular and liberal city. Exploring this ancient city introduces you to its historical sites, from the Safavid palaces to the Pahlavi palaces, from the famous Freedom Tower to the American occupied Embassy, to exquisite and valuable museums featuring unique paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
An adventure Hiking trip at the old markets of this city introduces you to the unique Iranian architecture and folk arts, while a cup of tea in one of the old cafes along with a friendly chat with hospitable people will make you more local.

Tehran Free Walking Tour

Day 3 Kashan

Kashan with more than 10.000 years old history and a wide variety of different historical sites, is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Iran that attracts tourists from all over the world. A trip to Kashan is a trip to the depths of Iranian history. It has preserved a collection of the most beautiful and diverse historical monuments together with the utmost elegance and precision. In the end, the sweet and fragrant souvenirs of Kashan will complete your dreamy trip. If you visit Kashan and around on Apr and May, you can smell the scent of Rose in all the gardens.

One day free walking tour in Kashan

Day 4 Isfahan
known as half the world

Isfahan is the most important and beautiful tourist destination for all travelers. This beautiful historic city with the most beautiful architectural monuments and hospitable people grabs the heart of the tourist. So a trip to Iran without Isfahan or Persian Florence would not be complete. The beauty of Isfahan is not limited to its historical monuments. The local culture, artworks, crafts, souvenirs, and fine restaurants with traditional and international cuisine will have you stay for many days. But if you have a  limited time, one of our suggestions will help you to visit this city.

One-day city tour program     

Two days city tour program


Day 5 & 6 Shiraz
Shiraz, City of Flowers and Nightingales

When you start planning a tour to Iran, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to visit on your trip. Shiraz is one of the most important destinations that you can definitely visit when traveling to Iran. Shiraz is full of glory and grandeur elements that force all to praise and admire. However, the scent of bitter orange blossom, the serenity of its verdant gardens, and the murmur of its ancient monuments force you to plan a great two days tour in Shiraz. Everything in Shiraz is more fascinating. You can stroll through the beautifully clean and green streets, breathe its romantic and whimsical air and enjoy Shirazi Faloodeh as an afternoon snack, which is a traditional cold mix of rose water and noodles.
Our suggested city tours will make an unforgettable journey for you.

Half-day walking tour in Shiraz

48 Hours unforgettable tour in Shiraz

Day 7 Shiraz - Tehran

Today you can take a flight back to Tehran.
Due to your scheduled flight, you can have a half-day tour in Shiraz or Tehran.
In Tehran don't miss Saad Abad royal palace, Darband recreational area, and Tajrish Bazar, where you can find some aesthetically pleasing things.