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Gahar Lake A Remote Gem of Iran's Nature
A Beautiful Tourist Resort in Iran's Lorestan
If you are a nature traveler or mountaineer, or if you are interested in visiting the natural sights of Iran, Gahar mountainous lake is one of the best natural places in Lorestan Province and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country.  This lake attracts all tourists and nature lovers with its pristine nature and clear water. Especially since it is one of the best places for trout fishing. If you are also interested in mountain climbing, there is also the possibility of climbing the peaks of Oshtrankoh around the lake, which can be a great option for you to kill two birds with one stone. You not only visit the lake but also have a mountain climb.

Gahar Lake A Remote Gem of Iran's Nature

Gahar is located beside the Oshtorankouh massif in the Zagros range in the province of Lorestan. It is 2360m above sea level, 1700m long, and 500m wide. The depth of the lake is 28m maximum. The area is one of the few ones in Iran that has been under good protection lately so the environment and flora look almost virgin. Gahar Lake is among the best sample of lakes that has been appeared due to the landslide. This lake has been located among the Oshtorankooh mountain chain and has many similarities to glacial lakes from an appearance aspect. The lake has 5/2km in length and 500m wide, and it is fed from rills and springs flowing from adjutant highlands. The big sliding mass that has about 20mm3 volumes, has locked a big valley mouth and caused one natural dam, which the water gradual aggregation behind this dam has caused a lake. This lake is access able through Dorood and Aligoodarz cities and its access route is one of the most beautiful of the state civil walk side routes. Thousands of tourists visit this lake annually and they remain at it for a few nights, that we can mention to multiple professional fishermen that are entered to fishing a farmhouse trout of this lake.

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Gahar Lake is located on the slopes of the Oshtoran Kooh Mountains

Gahar Lake is located on the slopes of the Oshtoran Kooh Mountains and is the permanent sweet-water lake of the upper and lower Gahar. This lake obtains its water from the melting snow of the mountains, thus forming a lake behind the mountains. The length of the main lake is 1.5 km. and the average breadth is 600 m. The area is recorded as approximately 100 hectares. A variety of flora and fauna can be observed here, turning the surrounding area of the lake into a wonderful park.
There are two lakes within 100 meters of each other named the Upper Gahar and the Lower Gahar on the southern summit of Mount Ashtaran in Lorestan province. The lower lake is the larger of the two and its altitude is 1,600 meters (5,250 feet) lower than the other. The Upper Gahar Lake is situated at an altitude of 2,300 meters (7,545 feet). Altogether, they are 2,100 meters (1.3 miles) long and 355 meters (1,164 feet) wide. The lake is situated between the towns of Aligoudarz and Doroud.

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Gahar Lake is located on the slopes of the Oshtoran Kooh Mountains

There is no motorway to the lakes and the best way to get there is a climb to Tpaleh Straight from Aligoudarz and from there a hike to the lakes. Although you may alternatively arrive at the lakes from Doroud, if you set out from Aligoudarz, you will pass through a forest and enjoy the scenery. The Gahar Lakes are dubbed «The Jewel of Mount Ashtaran," and are considered two of Iran's most stunning lakes. There is no hunting or fishing policy in the vicinity of the lakes since they fall under the Ashtaran Protected Zone. With the exception of their eastern shore, which has a sandy beach, the lakes are not suitable for swimming. The only means of accommodation is a tent erected by the campfire.

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What to do at Gahar Lake

The climate is generally subhumid continental with winter precipitation, a lot of which falls as snow. Because it lies on the westernmost slopes of the Zagros Mountains, annual precipitation in Lorestan is among the highest anywhere in Iran south of the Alborz Mountains. Temperatures vary widely with the seasons and between day and night. At Khorramabad, summer temperatures typically range from a minimum of 12 °C to a hot maximum of 32 °C. In winter, they range from a minimum of 2- °C to a chilly maximum of 8 °C.

What to do at Gahar Lake
Climbing, hook fishing, swimming, canoeing possibility of water skiing, wildlife observation, and walks around the rivers are the ecotourism attractions of this region.

Why visit Gahar?
One of the most beautiful sweet water lakes in Iran, Lake Gahar is about 1500 M long with a wide of 2800 m located in the protected area of Oshtorankuh mountain range. This lake is formed as a result of certain geological changes and is not only a perfectly ideal habitat for aquatics and wildlife but also unique and eye-catching natural views, especially in spring and summer can mesmerize all visitors

How to Get
Gahar is located in Lorestan province. The best and cheap way to reach there is the Railway. From Dorod Rail station a 20 Km Asphalt road to the Khi Spring area and a 13 Km Dirt road to the Gahar Lake.