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A few useful ideas for exciting tours in Iran

Iran's tourism industry with high potential in different tourism models ranked tenth among the ancient and historical attractions and fifth among the natural attractions of the world. The geographic situation, cultural, and historical features have made it one of the world's richest countries in various fields of tourism. Iran is one of the few countries in the world where you can have different models of tourism simultaneously. Experience skiing in the snow-capped mountains and an exciting journey through the golden sands of the desert and at the same time an exciting experience of sea recreations in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf may be possible only in Iran.
Climbing on the high peaks of the mountains, meeting the nomads of Iran at the foot of the mountains, and crossing the roaring rivers for rafting lovers and nature lovers have a pure sense of traveling to the depths of Iran's pristine nature. The high mountains, the deep valleys, the raging rivers, the vast deserts, and the immense forests, as well as the 12,000 years of history, and in addition to these characteristics, the hospitable people made it possible to apply a variety of tourism models to this country.

How to choose your Iran favorite trip

You can enjoy different kinds of tourism in Iran and have a memorable trip in Iran.

Persepolis - Shiraz

Iran Architecture and culture

Architecture is the crystallization of a society's culture, originates from customs, rituals, and ceremonies, and reflects itself in the building. The architectural works of each area, illuminate the characteristics of the communities of that land in the field of socio-economic conditions, level of techniques and technical skills, illuminate the chapters of civilization and historical events, the level of artistic taste and perception of beauty (and re-present it as architectural works) It also determines religion and philosophical worldviews.

Persepolis, glory of the past, a treasure of the present

Religious, cultural, and historical places in Iran that are among the most famous Iran tourist monuments belong to different religions, various historical periods, and diverse ethnicities that had lived in this territory. Ancient palaces since 2500 BC, historical gardens the tombs of great Iranian poets, and prominent figures will be the most important feature of this part of your journey to Iran.

Iran Deserts

If you are going to find a calm place with millions of tons of golden sand, a pleasant sunrise, a hot day, a dreamy sunset, and a dark night with starry sky, Iran's Desert is calling you. Garmeh village and desert, close to Semnan city is the oasis village of your dreams. An old castle twisted tall date palms, and the sound of narrow streams attracts you for one night and stay four. Think about a real simple lifestyle with beds on the floor, basic bathrooms, local & fresh delicious home-cooked food, and endless horizons just outside your door.

Maranjab one day desert tour

Start your desert from Isfahan, and hire your vehicle to Toudeshk for a night and a morning in the shifting sands of the Varzaneh Desert. Continue your way to the Tabas area and enjoy the mesmerizing beauties of Khor and Biyabank or Choopanan desert village. Yazd, the bride of the desert, with a belt of rippling sand dunes is a popular spot to watch the sunset across the desert landscape. Stay at Zeyn ol Din Carevanseray, where can make your dreams come true. As the colors of the pink-hued mountains beyond intensify with the last of the sun's rays, the shadows of the dunes are thrown into sharp relief, making for the perfect photo opportunity.

2 days Lout desert tour program

Assassins Valley

Walking among the high mountains of the Alborz Mountains will be very attractive for nature lovers and black tourism. Alamut Castle (Qazvin) among the high mountains of the Zagros for 200 years was the center of the most dreaded guerrilla castle in Iran and one of the most inaccessible castles in Iran. Visiting one of the most horrific Iranian castles in the Alborz Mountains"Hasan-e - Sabah castles" or Assassins castle which had been the center for the first deployment of partisans in the world for many years is one of the most exciting adventure tours in Iran. Visiting the Shahsevan nomadic tribe, Tabriz’s blue mosque, Kandovan Rocky village, and Unesco world heritage bazaar can be included in this tour.


Are you going to arrange a low-price journey to Iran? The airport visa (VOA) is calling you.
Enjoy comfortable and safe hostels, convenient public transport, and hospitable people, and finally get a companion and make a great journey. Do not be afraid of traveling to Iran. The real Iran is different what you have heard. Don't listen to everything you hear about Iran in the media.

Are you a traveler, tourist, or backpacker?

Iran by train, from London to Turkey and Iran

Book your train ticket from anywhere to Turkey and then Iran. There’s nothing quite like traveling by train, listening to the rhythmic rumble as the clack of the wheels over the tracks and the world flashes past the window of your compartment. There’s nothing quite like traveling by train, listening to the rhythmic rumble as the clack of the wheels over the tracks and the world flashes past the window of your compartment.
Iran trains with high quality, safe staff, and reasonable prices allow its passengers to explore the real Iran in a fast and safe manner. Local English-speaking tour guides offer explanations of the most significant sites in each city and there are opportunities to experience authentic regional cuisine, shopping, and traditional cultural offerings. Choose one of Iran Train Tours to discover Iran.

Persian Caviar
Mediterranean Iran

A historic trip to the depths of the 4,000,000-years-old Hyrcanian forests, Walking on the sandy shores of the world's largest inland body of water(Caspian Sea), a delicious breakfast beside an old fire-place and a piece of local hot bread with the world's most expensive caviar is just part of your unforgettable trip to the northern part of Iran.

15 Mouth-watering cuisines you have to try in Iran

The northern provinces of Iran are a piece of Paradise. The moderate temperature, dense forests, Caspian lake, tea fields, historical monuments from 1000 years ago, hot springs, tall peaks, and different lagoons are a part of the natural features of northern provinces. Gilan province is the capital of Iranian cuisine where you can taste the best dishes made with local fresh vegetables, fishes, beans, and other ingredients. It is the main destination of Iranian on all holidays. There is certainly no more important holiday destination than this.

Climb on tall Mountains
Besides great food, beautiful scenery, rich history, ancient ruins, and friendly and hospitable people, Iran has very good climbs within its borders. The volcanic and mythical peak of Damavand near Tehran is one of the 10 highest peaks in the world. This historic summit has a special place in Iranian history. It takes four days to reach the top of the country's highest mountain, at 5,671 meters. Each part of this ancient land has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other regions. This four season land has very beautiful tall mountains, tall peaks, and beautiful lush slopes that excite all nature lovers to immerse themselves in pure natural beauties.

Horse riding
Be unique! Take the lead of the Persian horses! Explore Iran like no other!
Gorgan Province and Turkman peoples are particularly famous for their horses and their legendary speed, endurance, and beauty. The Turkmans are a semi-nomadic tribe native to the steppes of Central Asia, archetypes of nomadic warriors and horse herders. The endurance of Turkmen racehorses is legendary. The Turkmen horse was loved by kings, emperors, and aristocrats from three continents over three millennia of history. Alexander the Great captured hundreds of horses to return to Europe after his Persian campaigns, and the modern Thoroughbred Owens all the blood of the Turkmans was bred directly and indirectly through the main lines.
An exciting riding program with Iranian noble horses in the plains and plateaus of Iran, A journey full of adrenaline. A memorable stay among the tribes and nomads will make your trip unforgettable.  Private horse riding tours

Skiing in Iran

Iran: Best Skiing Opportunity in the Middle East
Iran is quite a different country from the region when it comes to skiing possibilities in the Middle East! There are a lot of huge mountains with high peaks and slopes suitable for different types of skiing. Dizin, with ski lifts at 3,600 meters, and Shemshak, at 3,050 meters, are Iran's most famous resorts, with cabins, hotels, and equipment rentals. They are both close to Tehran and access is easy.
The best ski resorts around Tehran
Iran has long been an international destination in the Middle East for powder enthusiasts avid to snow during the winter. While everyone thinks Iran is a desert country. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but yes, Tehran is located on the snow-capped slopes of the Alborz Mountains. Tehran is surrounded by the best ski resorts where you can enjoy the rugged ski slopes. Darbandsar and Tochal are the most modern, Shemshak and Ab e Ali are the oldest, also Darbandsar is a local near Tehran.

Religious and cultural ceremonies in Iran are rooted in the ancient history of these people. These ceremonies somehow create a sense of happiness in people. They range from the Gol-o-Golab (Rose and Rosewater) festival in Kashan in May to the Chak Chak fire temple festival near Yazd in June, which celebrates the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. Join one of the Iranian traditional events to get to know more about Iran culture.