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Cool Tourist Destinations in the Hot Summer of Iran

Although long and hot summer days in Iran are annoying and unbearable for tourists, cool tourist destinations all over Iran are the best places for unforgettable summer tourism. Temperatures in certain cities of Iran reach over 35 degrees centigrade during the summer prompting Iranians to visit resorts with cool climates to escape from unbearably hot days.

The followings are some of the tourist destinations with a cool climate in Iran:

Sarein city and Villadarreh village

Sarein city and Villadarreh village

If you are going to spend hot summer days in a cool mountain village with spring weather, Sareen in Ardabil province is your best destination. This cool summer destination with hot mineral waters is one of the most important tourist destinations for domestic tourists, although in recent years it has become an international destination for medical tourism. Located 30 kilometers to the west of Ardebil, Sarein is a small city with pleasant summer weather. The city's green landscapes and numerous spas – which have therapeutic properties – attract many visitors during the hot days of summer. The road to Sarein is among the most amazing ones in terms of beauty, green grassy environment, and surrounding mountains to travel on. The weather in Sarein remains below 25 degrees centigrade during the summer. Villadarreh Village in Sarein is also worth visiting during the hot summer days. The village is situated three kilometers from Sarein in a valley 100 meters downhill. The natural attractions of the village, including waterfalls, ranches, colorful flowers, springs, and caves, have made Villadarreh an appealing destination for eco-tourists. Restaurants and pergolas are found at a short distance from each other. The song of birds, the smell of fresh grass and the cool weather create a dreamy ambiance.

Soubatan Resort

Soubatan Resort

If you are a nature traveler and are interested to discover the most beautiful unspoiled natural areas and experiencing the coolness of autumn in the exhausting heat of summer, traveling to the Subatan summer area would be your best experience. Encircled by forests, lakes, ranches, and rivers, Soubatan is located in Talesh, Gilan Province. Residents of Soubatan have been livestock breeders since ancient times. The meat of lambs, which are bred in the region is said to have therapeutic properties, as they graze on plants indigenous to the region. Travelers interested in hiking are recommended to walk from Neor Lake, located 48 kilometers southeast of Ardebil, to Soubatan early in the morning to enjoy an alluring environment. Soubatan is an amazing tourist attraction in Iran with changing climatic conditions so that one can experience foggy, sunny, or rainy weather on a single day.

Chama Ice Cave

Chama Ice Cave

There are various caves all over Iran, but Chama Ice Cave invites you to a cool snowy place on hot days of summer. Near Chelgard village in Kuhrang county, once twenty-five kilometers and spending Sheikh-Alikhan village, within the middle of Zardkuh mountain in the Zagros range, you'll reach at least one of the foremost distinctive ice caves in Iran. Chama ice cave is understood mutually of the most important sources of fresh water.
underneath the surface of this cave, there's a chilly water spring that flows to the Kuhrang dam. This water spring is one of the most pleasant holidaymaker attractions in Kuhrang. you'll get pleasure from the cool water that flows into the tunnels of Kuhrang. Chama ice cave is found ahead of the Chama plain. it's an appropriate place for Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari nomads’ tents. largely in summer, you’ll have an opportunity to ascertain the nomads and luxuriate in their cordial reception and recent dairy. Nomads of the noble tribes of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province that move from Khuzestan to Chelgard.

Mineral Waters

Kuhrang, in ChaharmahalBakhtiari Province, embraces some of the best spas of mineral waters in the world. It is also home to the 'inverted tulip' flower, which attracts many visitors during the season of blossoming.

Historical City

Chaldoran in West Azerbaijan Province has been named Iran's coldest historical city. Chaldoran reminds Iranians of an infamous contract signed between the Ottoman Empire and Shah Ismaeil Safavi, based on which parts of Iran were ceded to Sultan Salim Chaldoran dates back to 500 years and hosts enchanting wetlands and green valleys. Qare Kelissa or Thadeus Church - an ancient Armenian church - and some spas are other attractions of the city.

Asalem Road

Asalem-Khalkhal Road is one of the most alluring roads in Iran to travel on. Khalkhal City in Ardebil Province is also one of the coolest cities in Iran. Khalkhal hosts a number of exemplary tourist destinations including Aznav, Ardebil, Nareou Waterfall, and Karaj Village. Karaj Village resembles Masouleh in Gilan Province with its unique architecture and houses constructed on stepped terraces.