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Asalem to Khalkhal road, A Paradise Road

June and the road to the beauty of Paradise. When June comes, it seems that the spring caravan slowly reaches home and goes to rest and will show off the next year. But at the same time, the roads of Asalem are one of the most beautiful and relaxing features of Iran. Asalem is a beautiful land of one of the cities of Gilan province in northern Iran. The name of this city is as same as Khalkhal to Asalem road, and most Iranians have heard this name at least once, and because of these beauties, this unique road makes us a happy and  Indescribable time.

And if we simulate this road as a beautiful paradise, it’s without exaggeration. It is known from the name of the road that started from Asalem in Gilan province and ends in Khalkhal in Ardebil province. Almost all the tourists, consider Asalem to Khalkhal as one of the most beautiful Iranian roads, and they would like to visit it once at least There is a winding path of about 70 km which is pristine nature, a waterfall, a plain, a lake and rare plants, all of which are due to the wonderful beauty of this path. In addition, there is also a hot spring called Givi near Khalkhal, Which tourists can enjoy swimming there as well.

From Asalem to Khalkhal

Due to the location of Asalem road to Khalkhal in the north of the country, it often rains in most seasons. Another advantage of this route is that it is cool in summer too, so you need to take warm clothes too. In May and June, along this path, beautiful Anemone flowers grow, which give a special effect, and this beauty is enhanced by the presence of fog It should be noted that before entering this road, be sure that your fuel tank is full, because there may be a problem with the gas station here.

Delicious food and diverse products

Meanwhile, since Asalem is one of the cities in Gilan province, there is a huge variety of food and meal and you can enjoy the various flavors of Gilani food during the trip. In addition to various arts and crafts and various food, Asalem is also famous of its Potteries without glazes. Gilani potters do not use glaze in their crafts making to keep their artistic authenticity There is 450 km from Tehran to Khalkhal. Of course, if you want to start your journey from Asalem, you have to go from Qazvin to Rasht, and after leaving Saravan police road check, go to Rezvanshahr and Chukar to reach Asalem IranGrad wishes you a great trip.
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