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8 Attractive Beaches in Iran

8 Attractive Beaches in Iran
You know what, Iran's desert is the first place when you think of traveling to Iran. But, you don't know that Iran has 900 Km of beaches in the North and 4800 Km of beaches in the south.
These fantastic beaches can be considered one of the most popular purposes of travel and tourist destinations for all tourists in Iran. You would have various options to choose them from the well-loved Ladies’ Beach on the southern island of Kish up to the Gisoom Beach in the Gilan province. Iran's beaches with their special characteristics, such as the sandy beaches of the north, stone beaches with high walls in Chabehar, Darek sandy beach(Confluence of desert and sea), or the women's exclusive beach in Kish will fascinate every visitor.
In this article, we introduce you to 8 attractive Iran beaches.

Beris Beach Chahbahar

Beris Beach
If you are going to take a selfie Instagram photo over the high cliffs of Iran's south beach and watch the amazing view of the sunset, undoubtedly the Beris rocky beaches in Sistan and Baluchestan province are the best and most unforgettable places. The long border with the Oman Sea, the azure waters, along with countless boats and fishing boats, can capture fascinating scenery in your mind. No one can’t tell you how amazing you could feel above this rock! Just take a deep fresh breath and seat on the edge of a rock and take wonderful pictures  You’ve never seen something so beautiful! Staying there and watching the sunrise and sunset is a unique location that will never happen again.

Rey shahr or ReeShehr in Bushehr

Rishehr Beach
Imagine yourself beside a calm beach with sandy and stony views, where you can walk on the golden sand or hike on the tall rocky ones while you are watching the sunset above the Persian Gulf. Rishehr Beach or locals say  ReeShehr in Bushehr is a close destination for Shiraz travelers or especially for Arabic countries like Kuwait, Emirate, and Qatar citizens. The beach is perfect for water activities such as hiring speed boats, Surfing, Kitesurfing, SUP, Wakeboarding, Jet Skiing, and more. It is best to visit during the winter when temperatures are cooler but still warm enough to go for a dip. Bushehr 1,218 km from Tehran has humid, hot summers, mild winters, and pleasant springs.

Kiashahr Beach Gilan Province

Kiashahr Beach
Kiashahr, is the city of connects green nature with the beach. If you are going to visit the biggest lake in the world and simoultaincly the 4000,000-year-old Hyrcanian forests, Kiashahr beach will be your best choice. One of the most spectacular and pristine northern regions of Iran is undoubtedly the city of Kiashahr in Gilan province. This city is located 50 km from Rasht, the capital of Gilan province. Quick, easy, and close access (370 km) to Tehran the capital of Iran has made this beautiful beach one of the best tourist destinations.

Marjan or Coral Beach Kish Island

Marjan or Coral Beach
Kish Island with its clean white and golden sands is among the best tourist destinations among Iranian travelers. Marjan Beach, again on Kish Island, is coated with golden sand and has various plenty of opportunities for relaxing walks while you look out onto lines of palm trees. This southern Island of Iran is the best destination for winter travelers.

Why Marjan Beach
Beautiful and vast green space, Blue Waters, Silver, and transparent beach, Bright and scorching sun, Coral Markets, the existence of a Greek sailing ship Attractive landscaping,
The beautiful natural landscape, Summerhouse, Aqua Recreational Facilities, Beautiful dock.

What to do
Cycling Road, Boat riding, Paracel, Jet Ski, Kite riding, Diving, Shuttle, Banana Riding, Flight board, Scooter, Paddleboard, Children’s play equipment.

Qeshm the Biggest Island in the Persian Gulf

Darak Beach

Darak Beach
Darak with a combination of sand and sea is a unique beach in Iran. It is the only place you feel yourself in a desert but your sight is full of sea. You can walk on the most exciting natural attraction of Iran, the water of the Persian Gulf and the sand of the desert. You can sit on the sand of the desert beside the Persian Gulf and watch a dreamy sunset while you are hearing the sound of waves.  This exceptional paradox has created such a beauty that, in spite of being discovered and known just recently, has been visited by many travelers and tourists and changed into the most famous Iran tourism destination. There are only a few beaches in the world with this unique specification(Meeting sand and sea). If you are a nature lover and enjoy walking along the sea while watching the beautiful desert, here is the place for you.

Red Beach Hormozgan

Red Beach
The island of Hormuz is a world of wonders and colorful attractions. Traveling to Hormuz is full of fear, amazement, and peace. The island of Hormuz has a mountain rich in red oxide soil called "Gelack". It is not only a valuable mineral for industrial purposes, but locals use it as a spice in their cooking, such as sauces, jams, etc. Hormuz, located near the southern coast of Iran, is an island facing the entrance to the Persian Gulf. It is a place of incredible beauty with unique features in the world - especially the magnificent ruby red beach. The island of Hormuz has been nicknamed "the rainbow island" thanks to the many colors of the island and the surrounding waters.

How to go to the most colorful island of Iran

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach is a paradise for environmentalists and marine life enthusiasts and is home to the endangered species of green turtles. This beach consists of two main parts, one is a public beach and the other is a protected part that can only be accessed with special permits. This protected area has been considered for turtles. The turtle nesting season lasts from September to March, and during this time, hundreds of turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs.