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How much does it cost to go to Iran?

Travel has a close relationship with your lifestyle and the type of travel. Are you a traveler or a Backpacker, you prefer to stay at hostels or 5-star hotels. You can fit your goals of travel with your spirit and personality Perfectly. Public services such as taxis or trains will play a very important role in reducing your travel expenses.
In this article, we will introduce you to the average travel expenses to Iran.

By reading this article, you can calculate a large number of your tour costs.

Iran Airport Transfer cost

Airport Transfer

The airport taxi system provides services all over the country 24/7. you can take the desired taxi or modern cars with the highest security as soon as you leave the terminal hall. They will do your transfer to the different parts of Tehran or your requested hotels.
Taxi from 7 - 10 USD
Van Taxi  10 - 12 USD

Imam Khomeini International Airport is connected to Tehran Metro lines. Therefore, you can use the metro lines to transfer to Tehran and your desired hotel.
Price: 50 Cent

Hire Taxi in Iran


Using taxis usually within the cities is also much more prevalent in Iran. Moreover, it is a low-cost means of transportation in Iran. Shuttle taxis are also used for transportation between two cities within a close distance. These taxis could be easily accessed through terminals.
Public or shared Taxies in Tehran from 2 cents up to 1 US$
Hired Taxis (like Uber) from 1 US$ up to 3 US$

Interurban transport in Iran

Interurban transport

If you are one of those travelers who want to travel to Iran without a tour and plan your trips independently, the price of a Bus or Train is very important for you.
In Iran, you can move from one city to another in three main ways: road transport, rail transport, and transport of the airways.
All are safe and affordable.

Bus price
 Tehran to Isfahan 3 US$ up to 4 US$
 Tehran to Yazd 5 US$ up to 6 US$
 Tehran to Shiraz 8 US$ up to 10 US$

 Tehran to Isfahan 6 US$ up to 7 US$
 Tehran to Yazd     4 US$ up to 6 US$
 Tehran to Shiraz  10 US$ up to 12 US$

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Iran Attractions Entrance fees

Iran Attractions Entrance fees
There are more than 700 museums and palace museums all over Iran. Also, some of the mosques or mausoleums are mentioned as museums and you should pay the cost to visit them. The entrance fees to Iranian attractions are defined by the cultural heritage, crafts, and tourism organization of Iran.

The Tickets are from 2 US$ up to 4 US$

What kind of hotel accommodation do you prefer?

What kind of hotel accommodation do you prefer?

Your residence place (Hotel, Hostel, Home, Camp) at travel is one of the most important parts of your trip. It's an occasion and opportunity to spend some time with locals and learn about their culture. In these places, you can get acquainted with the traditional and luxurious hospitality culture of the local people. While you are enjoying a dreamy and memorable stay, recognize a part of the formal and local culture of the people.
Choosing the right accommodation is a crucial part of your trip to Iran. This is the place where you will find some rest after a city tour of sightseeing and you will have all the right to want it cozy and comfortable. There are different types of hotels, hostels, camping, and homestays to fit your accommodation style and show you various aspects of Iran. There is an increasing number of guesthouses and ecolodges in Iran. Although Iran's tourism industry lacks luxury and chain hotels the development of hotels with a well-accepted standard has largely helped the tourism industry.

In recent years, attention to rural and local tourism has created a new target market by the name of rural tourism. In this style of tourism, travelers not only get acquainted with Iran's nature and culture as well as with the rural subculture, but they can also experience local accommodations to help the local tourism industry.
Hotel Prices on the basis of Double room with daily breakfast.

2-star hotels from 10 US$ up to 20 US$
3-star hotels from 20 US$ up to 30 US$
4-star hotels from 30 US$ up to 40 US$
5-star hotels from 40 US$ up to 50 US$

Traditional House / Hotels from 20 US$ up to 40 US$

Iranian Restaurants cost

Iranian Restaurants

The most delicious part of your trip is Iranian tempting restaurants where you can experience the most delicious Iranian barbecues, Iranian stews, and of course, Iranian sweet desserts. In each city, you can find the best restaurants or even regular restaurants and enjoy Iranian cuisine. Be sure to visit the list of Iranian restaurants before traveling.

Barbecues Kebab  from 4 US$ up to 10 US$
Stews + Rice from 2 US$ up to 4 US$
All kinds of Sandwich  from 2 US$ up to 4 US$
All kinds of Pizza  from 4 US$ up to 6 US$