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My First Travel To Iran

My First Travel To Iran
Travel to Iran is a unique experience. Not only because of the splendid sights (mosques, gardens, bridges, palaces) and ancient monuments (Persepolis, stone carvings of Dariush and the tomb of Cyrus) but especially the welcoming and friendly Iranians leave an unforgettable impression. Once you have been in Iran, it changes forever the often negative image of this beautiful country and its population.

My First Trip to Iran

My Unexpected Iran
Adventures off the Beaten Track
Iran. Yes, but my Iran: my life, my dreams, and my fears. Iran: why did I even choose this country when my plan had been to go to Japan for the summer? What on earth made me book a flight to Tehran? God only knows ... and He knows very well! 'Are you crazy? Iran? It's near Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan; have you watched the news? Do you know what those people are capable of?', said my mother in a husky voice the day I told her about my decision to come to Iran.

Are you going to planning a trip to a new tourist destination?

Are you going to plan a trip to a new tourist destination?
How much do you know about the new destination?
How many books have you read about this destination?
How much of this information is accurate and up-to-date?
Do you know this destination like the locals?

Reasons to take a group tour to Iran

Reasons for a Group Visit to Iran
Experienced travelers may want to look away. Guided tours can really be the best option for some travelers going abroad. Of course, they limit you a little and lose a little freedom. You will not have enough time to fall in love with a place and you will not have enough time to stay there, and other companions may not be with you. But no matter what the veterans might say, there are good reasons to tour for those who want to.

Is Iran safe for solo woman traveller

Is Iran safe for a single female traveler?
As a 43-year-old woman, I wanted an adventure so I went to Iran solo.
Lorena Skipper was about to fly to Iran, only when she looked down at her nails. They were bright pink. "Before I left, the color had been reduced to a more subtle brown," she explains at, "just in case.