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Reasons for a Group Visit to Iran

Experienced travelers may want to look away. Guided tours can really be the best option for some travelers going abroad. Of course, they limit you a little and lose a little freedom. You will not have enough time to fall in love with a place and you will not have enough time to stay there, and other companions may not be with you.

But no matter what the veterans might say, there are good reasons to tour for those who want to.

1- You are inexperienced

The most important reason why people are considering a visit is certainly their lack of experience, whether in travel in general or in the new country they have decided to visit. A tour or travel agent gives you an extra sense of security - number capacity, as well as the special abilities of a guide to assist you. All of these factors increase your self-confidence.

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2- you are lazy

It's not an insult - some people just aren't interested in all the details of planning a trip, and they don't want to worry about changing them during their trip. It's about relaxing, right? So if you want these things to be taken care of for you - hotel reservations, transfers, restaurant choices, places to see, and things to do once you arrive - then a visit might just be the way to go.

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3- You are going to Iran

Even for experienced travelers, the first trip to Iran can be quite intimidating. The place is strange. It takes time to find your feet, and the constant haggling, arguments, and cuddles that make up the daily life of tourists in Iran can become quite tiring. Take a walk, and many of these stresses go away.

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4- You fly solo

Some people like to see the world on their own, but others find it a lonely existence. For the latter group, being presented with a group of like-minded travelers with whom to share the adventure is the perfect tonic. Having a group visit is also beneficial from a safety perspective.

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5- You are a terrible linguist

No matter where you go, you will probably do very well with English and sign language. However, if you really care about the language barrier, especially in places that don't see too many tourists, it can be nice to have a guide who is both a source of information and a translator.

6- You go to local areas

Take a look at the public transportation on offer in small towns or local areas and suddenly the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling in the back of a truck with a group of Western tour passengers sounds like heaven. Do you go in the van with 30 of your closest local friends or opt for something a little safer? Up to you.

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7- You are pressed for time

You may not have time to plan your trip - so let someone else do it. You may also have limited time to travel and want to see as much as possible. They have already done all the experiences you need and managed time in the best way possible.

8- You are on wild trips

Reading this, I lead a group of travelers on a two-week rafting adventure trip in the wild river of Iran. We have a luxury rafting boat, a guide to show us the way every day, and a service vehicle filled with empty seats, bottles of water, and bottles of EPO (I guess). Imagine trying to organize it all yourself. The same goes for the three-week 4x4 trip - it would be a logistical nightmare to ride alone, but a real adventure on tour.

9- You are looking for local information

While the stereotype of tour passengers is that they tend to float through foreign countries without ever interacting with their citizens, many travel companies employ local guides in each country, which means that all questions you have about a place can be resolved immediately. You might not travel alone.

10- You have no other option

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Do you want to go to Damavand mountain in Iran? You're going to need a visit, even if it's only a very small group. Want to go to Nomads Tent and see their lifestyle? You need a visit. Do you want to kayak? Unless you are very experienced, you need a visit. Get used to the idea.

Do you think there are good reasons to do a tour? Or would you never go on one again? What are some of the better tours you've done?