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My first tour to Iran as a US citizen/ Fulfill of a wish

Every tourism that comes to Iran, has fears and concerns, but at the end of the trip, they all turn into good memories.
I'm "Robert Schrader" I've just been to Iran:
Traveling to Iran was always at the top of my bucket list longer. This interest was created in me a long time ago, This interest only started from a photo, a picture of a woman in the jewel-colored light of a mosque, The mosque that I did not know where it is, I just knew I had to get there.
The two-week trip to Iran gives you a rich, multidimensional understanding of Iran's architecture, food, and culture, and of course, the incredible hospitality of the people should not be ignored.

Tehran, The Capital of Iran

Tehran has a mixed reputation among City dwellers and tourists alike. You can spend a day or two days here and visit Azadi Tower, the museum at the Former U.S Embassy, visit Golestan Palace and taste the Iranian food nearby the Bazaar and also visit and enjoy the panorama view of Tehran from Baam-e Tehran.
Tehran is close to some smaller cities where you can take excursions, Qazvin is close to Tehran with 140 Km, Kashan an 8000 years old historical city, and a desert city full of historic houses and lush gardens about 130 km far from Tehran.


The most famous historical city of Iran is also the one that best embodies the country as a whole. Imam Sq, Shah or Imam Sq, Jame mosque, and Armenian Orthodox church is known as Vank Cathedral, Isfahan is worth a visit for its architecture alone. Of course, the architecture of Isfahan is one of the exciting parts of your trip.

Isfahan Historical Sites

Yazd the bride of the desert and the Mesr Desert

Spend one or two days in the Mesr Desert and village named because it resembles Egypt (“Mesr” in Farsi), will help clear your mind and cleanse your palate for the second half of your trip in Iran, It’s just you and the dunes and the sound of the wind. Then continue onward toward Yazd, one of the oldest cities of Iran with Islamic architecture and the bountiful Zoroastrian heritage it offers visitors, most specifically the Towers of Silence, which also provide a wonderful view of the city center.

How to get to Iran without a visa?

Shiraz and Persepolis

Persepolis on the way of Yazd to Shiraz the old historical city that its genesis dates back to the reign of legendary Persian king Kourosh, aka Cyrus the Great.
Shiraz the city of Nightingale and flowers and the city of poets. Remember that mosque I mentioned in the intro to this itinerary for two weeks in Iran? It’s called Nasir ol-Molk Mosque (nickname: “Pink Mosque“) and it’s located in Shiraz, Other attractions of this beautiful city like Naranjestan Garden, Hafez Tomb, Eram Garden, Saadi Tomband Karim Khan Citadel should not be lost.

Tabriz the first capital of the Safavid dynasty
You can complete your trip to Shiraz or you could fly north to Tabriz, a city so near the Turkish border that Farsi is its secondary language, and conclude your trip by seeing a different side of Iran. Enjoy the hospitality, delicious cuisine, and historic monuments of this city. Kandovan Village is one of the most beautiful places to visit.