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The reasons that make Iran your next holiday destination

Top 10 reasons that make Iran your next holiday destination
Iran's tourism has been at the attention of tourists more than ever. Iran's historical sites and natural features have been shown many times on various Instagram pages, international websites, tourism bloggers, Iran passengers, Iran tour itinerary planners, and international bloggers. They have introduced Iran as a safe destination, and everyone's attention is drawn to this beautiful country.

My First Trip to Iran

My First Trip to Iran
By: Amanda Oei
My Unexpected Iran Immersed in the Magic of Khuzestan
After waiting seven years, my dream finally came true when I came to Iran in the summer of 2017. Why did you come to Iran?' is one of the most popular questions on everyone's lips no matter where you go and who you meet in this country. My interest in Iran was piqued when I watched Children of Heaven by Majid Majidi, an Academy award-winning Iranian film. The sense of nostalgia evident in the books by Iranian authors in the diaspora further triggered my interest and, since 2010,
made me want to experience the nuances of this beautiful country for myself.

10 reasons for a trip to Iran

10 Exciting Reasons for a Trip to Iran
You are going to have a trip to Iran. You have studied Iran, via different websites and social media. You've been considering, thinking, and even programming, but you still haven't booked your ticket to Iran. You don’t even know why holidays for you are synonymous with the beach so you lead to Thailand, maybe you think spices are only in India's Bazaars, or maybe you think ancient history can only be discovered in Rome. Whatever has been keeping you from booking that flight, here are my ten reasons why you should travel to Iran as soon as possible and overcome your doubts. No matter what kept you from booking this flight, here are 10 reasons why you should get to Iran ASAP and get over your doubts.

My Trip to Iran as a Backpacker

My Trip to Iran as a Backpacker
In 2013, after a long process, I finally got granted a visa to Iran. I got that visa in the city of Trabzon in Turkey. It was a one-month visa so we decided to milk it and stay in Iran for all 30 days that we were legally allowed. This meant we would backpack overland from Gurbulak to Bazargan, where we would arrive in Iran. We started off in the northwest of the country.

Iran is the safest country I've ever visited!

Iran is the safest country I've ever visited!
The story of solo female travelers in Iran
There is definitely so much negative propaganda, noise, and rumor about Iran in media around the world, especially in the US and Europe, but let's see the image of real Iran in view of two solo woman travelers who were brave enough to come to Iran and see the clear sky out of the negativity clouds. Jessica lives in the United States and submitted the following report about Iran which is posted on Reasons to Visit Iran Iran has a wealth of history and culture.