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Amir Chakhmaq Takieh     

Amir Chakhmaq collection which is one of the most important and famous historical monuments of Yazd belongs to the ninth century AH and is a relic of the Timurid period. This complex is one of the most important sights of Yazd and includes a bazaar, a reliance, a mosque, and two water reservoirs. Amir Jalaluddin Chaghmaq (Chakhmaq) was one of the commanders of Shahrokh Teymouri in the eighth century AD, who created a large collection during his rule over Yazd.
Among the numerous buildings, which included a mosque, Tekiyeh, Ab Anbar, a school, and a bath, only two excellent works, Tekiyeh and the mosque, have survived.

Amir Chakhmaq Takieh

The Amir Chakhmaq Takieh
The impressive three-story facade of this Hosseinieh is one of the largest structures of its kind in Iran. The perfectly proportioned rows of sunken alcoves are at their best and are most photogenic in the late afternoon when the copper-colored sunlight is captured inside each alcove and the towering exterior seems to glow against the dark sky. The new two-story arcades that line the pedestrian plaza and the illuminated fountains lend an attractive foreground to the splendid night view. Only the first floor of the structure is accessible.

Amir Chakhmaq Takieh Yazd

A huge palm of Nakhl wood (cypress-shaped wooden structure) is parked below the Amir Chakhmaq. An important centerpiece for the celebration of Shiite Ashura commemorations, this Nakhl is over 200 years old and no longer moving. during Ashura, it is covered with a black covering for a day or two around the celebrations to represent the coffin of Imam Hossein. The illusions of cypress trees and, by association, the Nakhl (which actually means date palm), pre-date Islam and signify immortality, endurance, and freedom, qualities that were also associated with the Shiite imam, Imam Hossein.

Amir Chakhmaq Takieh and Ashoora event

This religious building includes a Takieh (a place for religious ceremonies) and a number of public buildings such as the bazaar - Ab Anbar - and the caravanserai, which is located in Amir Chakhmaq Square.  This collection is a relic of the reign of Amirchakhmaq Shami. Jalaluddin Amirchakhmaq, who came to power in Yazd by the order of Shahrokh Teymouri, with the help of his wife Fatemeh Khatoon, built several public monuments in Yazd, including Amir Chakhmaq Square. This religious building is one of the most important centers for religious ceremonies, especially the Muharram event in this city. One of the most important parts of this complex is a 250 years old palm, which is used for Muharram ceremonies (mourning ceremonies for the martyrdom of the third Shiite Imam).