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Timurid Dynasty (1370 - 1507)

After invading and conquering the Iranian cities, Timur founded a government that continued from the lunar year 772 to 911 (13th-15th century AD) from the Russian steppes and from Moscow to Delhi in India, of course, the Timurid rulers could not preserve all these vast territories: their ferocious armies were only attacking and plundering new countries and withdrawing with their booty. Nevertheless, the Timurid territories extend from Transoxiana (seat of his government) to Kharazm.

Khorassan, Sistan, Afghanistan, Gorgan, Iraq, Georgia, Nakhjevan, Moghan, Shervan, Armenia, Zanjan and on the border of Ottoman Turkey. They also ruled Pars, Yazd, Kerman, and Isfahan. Provinces of Mazandaran, Lorestan and Khuzestan. After the fall of the Timurid dynasty, several local governments were established in various parts of Iran until the arrival of the Safavid dynasty. Ismaele, the founder of the Safavid dynasty, and his grandson, Shah Abbas the Great, put an end to all these feudal territories and united them under one banner.