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2 Days Tour in Tabriz

If you are eager to discover more historical and natural places in Tabriz and beyond the Tabriz two-day tour is the best option for you. On day one of the Tabriz tour you visited the most famous historical, cultural, and social monuments in Tabriz. You have become familiar with an important part of the history, culture, and social customs of Tabriz.
On the second day, you will not only get to know the most beautiful natural phenomenon of Tabriz and one of the most unique rocky villages in the world called Kandavan, but you will also get to know the signs of the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims over the centuries (Jame mosque & Christian Churches).
Jame Mosque of Tabriz will introduce you to the history of Islam and Islamic architecture, and the traditional houses of this city will display the most beautiful effects of Iranian traditional architecture.

Follow us to do an amazing two days tour.

Day 1: Tabriz full-day city tour.

Tabriz   Kandovan village on map

Day2: Tabriz - Kandovan village ( 60 km)

Morning drive to Kandovan Rocky village. The most unique, magical volcanic village. A wonderful and enchanting stone village that will fascinate nature lovers with its natural beauty. If you are looking for unique attractions in the world, this place is worth visiting twice. It is the most unique, magical tourism volcanic village. If you are going to visit one of the three unique examples of rocky tourist villages in the world, the Kandovan village is the only active example of a rock village in the world after Cappadocia in Turkey, and Dakota in the United States. This village is one of the natural and historical attractions in east Azerbaijan that can amaze and satisfies all tourists and visitors.

- If you are interested to stay at one of the local houses (eco-lodges) of Candovan village or the only rocky hotel of Candovan village you can make your dream true.

After visiting Kandovan village we come back to Tabriz to visit the Jame mosque of Tabriz, Christian Churches, and Behnam historical house.

- Note that visiting handicrafts work-shops(carpet, leather, pottery, Toreutics) and buying the famous sweets of this city will be one of the most interesting parts of your trip to Tabriz and your local guide can do it for you well.

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