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Abbasi Cafe Restaurant
A historic house and another traditional restaurant!

Abbasi Cafe Restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Kashan, which is usually mentioned by tourists in their travelogues. The Abbasid house next to the Tabatabai house is one of the most valuable historical monuments in Kashan and has a unique design. Unlike Manouchehri and Ameri restaurants, traditional Iranian tables are in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of this restaurant. The quality of all traditional dishes in this restaurant is excellent, however, camel meat and stone Dizy(Abgoosht) have become more popular. In addition to the restaurant and cafeteria, the coffee shop of this complex should not be forgotten. Eating an Iranian saffron tea in the traditional environment while you are chatting with friends and family would be a memorable day in Kashan. Abbasi Restaurant Cafe is located on Alavi Street in Kashan.