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Local Mosque and Schools

Local Mosque and Schools
Mullah Abdollah Another theological school of the Safavid era in the covered bazaar
This madrasah (school) is located in the initial part of "Bazaar-e-Shah" and in the vicinity of 'Hammam-e-Shah' around its Charhar Sough (the main dome for the junction of covered bazaars) that dates back to the Safavid era.

Historical Houses of Esfahan

Historical Houses of Esfahan A Quick Survey of the Existing Elements
In Esfahan and nearly all over Iran, house building based on some fundamentals which were in accordance with all functional and cultural aspects typified by using the smallest unit of residential community space in the Islamic cities. The old cities in this region were usually supported by a rampart to secure safety and formed by a number of quarters connected to each other by the labyrinthine narrow ways.

The Old Bathhouses of Esfahan

The Old Bathhouses of Esfahan Delightful Centers of the Past for Preserving Sanitary and Public Health
In Islamic urban planning, a special role for the public bath (hammam) was considered due to the importance attached to cleanliness in Islam. According to a Hadith (Islamic narration), 'Cleanliness is a sign of faith'. This is why during the different eras many public baths were built in Esfahan, but most of them are not in use today.

Atash Gah, Old Fire Temple of Esfahan

Atash Gah, Old Fire Temple of Esfahan
On a western road of Esfahan, about eight kilometers from the city (on Esfahan-Najaf Abad Road), on the right there is a single stratified hill of sedimentary stone, which is about 105 meters higher than the access road level. (The level of the road is 1610 meters above sea level, which is about 50 meters higher than the center of Esfahan).

A Rooyl Pavilion for the Local and 'Migrating Pigeons of Esfahan

Pigeon Towers
Pigeon Tower (Dove Cote) A Royal Pavilion for the Local and 'Migrating Pigeons of Esfahan. Here, we would like to call your kind attention to another time which for the present, can be found only in Esfahan and around it although this is an Iranian structure, according to reliable references, it has been the throughout Iran ever since at least one thousand years ago.