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10 Popular street food in Iran that make your water mouth

After a full-day city tour and immersing in Persian architecture and glory in different museums and palaces a gastronomy tour among the street foods would be the most delicious part of your tour. Some pleasantly wonderful smells in the streets will stunne you. They are some exceptionally healthy options that must be sampled.
You have no choice but to change your way, follow the scent, and eventually find yourself looking at a small shop that has organized a festival of the most beautiful street foods in Iran.

These seasonal street foods offer their fans a special color and taste every season.

10 Popular street food in Iran Ash

1- Ash e Reshte

An ideal dish and soup for all kinds of food lovers.
If you are vegan or vegetarian, this street food will be one of your best choices. A collection of herbal additives that are very popular in the cold season of autumn and winter. This soup is not only a hearty and healthy food for Iranians but also has very deep cultural and social beliefs among the people (Ash e Pusht e pa: It cooks for travelers, to wish good health during long journeys). Ingredients: Different local beans, Pea, lentils, local vegetables, Water, and Curd

10 Popular street food in Iran Laboo

2- Laboo or Beetroot

If the beets hold no allure for you, but this red root vegetable is a beloved winter snack for Iranians. On cold winter nights when snow is falling this is the best winter energy producer snack that will make you full and hot. The local vendors sell peeled steaming-hot, boiled beets, neatly stacked according to size. Take a bowl of Laboo and chat with locals while you are enjoying it.

3- Vicia Faba or Fava Bean

It is called Bâghâli in Iran and is one of the favorite winter snacks.
Bagali and lebo are two popular winter street foods that are usually sold side by side and cooked well in boiling water. Take a bowl of Baghali with a little vinegar, salt, and angelica (Heracleum persicum) as stuffing is one of the most popular snacks. Of course, eating this winter snack requires a little skill. Use your teeth to peel back the black line, squeeze the bottom to pop the soft center out, and discard the thick skin. Iranians can be seen huddled together sharing a bowl and having a chat.

Why do Iranian foods taste fascinate everyone?

10 Popular street food in Iran Jigar

4- Jigar

One of the Iranian kebabs is prepared very quickly and easily. Small pieces of sheep's liver and heart are a delicious and favorite food that is sold in shops called jiggari. This very nutritious food is offered in all seasons and all over Iran. This food is so popular among Iranians that they call their loved ones Jigar, the ultimate term of affection.

10 Popular street food in Iran Roasted Corn

5- Balâl or Roasted Corn

A healthy, simple, and yummy Iranian snack like Mexican Street Corn, roasted on hot charcoal and then dunked into a bucket of salty water for a few seconds. This tasty snack is served normally around parks and recreational places in all seasons, especially in winter. Once you try Iranian roasted corn the way, you won’t want it any other way.

Sour and Sweet

10 Popular street food in Iran Falafel

6- Falafel

A deep-fried Mediterian ball snack that is a Perfect yummy for Vegetarians and Vegans. This food is one of the most popular and healthy (Pea + spice + vegetables in it!) fast food in the world. You can taste different versions of Falafel all over Iran with various mango sauces, pepper sauce, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. In Falafel buffets shops you can make your own sandwich, full of amazing toppings and special sauces + pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, Red cabbageو Curly kale, or other ingredients. It would be a complete vegetarian meal that would fill you.
Don't miss it.

10 Popular street food in Iran samboose

7- Sambooseh

A Lovely Triangle yummy shape
This is Indian original food that is adopted by Iranians to suit their own taste. It is a mixture of cooked potato, onion, and different cooked veggies with spices wrapped in Triangle form with a soft bread(in Iran with Lavash bread). They would be fried in oil and served with hot pepper sauces. A combination of baked potato, and aromatic herbs, makes a magic taste in your mouth. The first bite, the fantastic taste of crispy bread with a mixture of vegetables, and cooked potato + spices will make you intoxicated.

10 Popular street food in Iran  egg and tomato
8- Potatoes and eggs

If you are going to find cheap, safe, and delicious fast food, this is the best one.
This is actually for the Turkish part of Iran (west) and you can find it in Urmia, Tabriz, Ardabil, and nowadays even in Tehran!
It is a mix of cooked sliced potato and diced boiled egg, with salt, pepper, local vegetables, and butter in Lavash bread! Kind of like a sandwich that is very delicious, healthy, and inexpensive!
Bon appetite!

Iran Food tourism is an opportunity for Iranian ecotourism

10 Popular street food in Iran Halim
9- Haleem

A Delightful and Cinnamonful Start
One of the most delicious Iranian breakfasts. It is a superpower breakfast for all and ideal, especially for Vegetarians. A herbal breakfast made of wheat, milk, and Turkey meat(optionally). If you are going to taste it it is necessary to be an early riser because it would be sold just in the early morning. This delicious breakfast will serve with sugar or salt (optional) and a little Cinnamon.

10 Popular street food in Iran  Ferni
10- Ferni

Iranian Version of Indian Kheer
A yummy Iranian creamy snack made of rice or rice flour, sugar, a little Rosewater, and milk will create a magic taste that you really can never compare with anything else. Also sprinkling some cinnamon powder for the flavor is the best idea.

Although some of Iran's edibles do not have a nutritional aspect, they have their own fans as snacks.
Among these edibles are:
Traditional saffron ice cream: A mixture of sugar, milk, and saffron.
Fries, Onion Rings, and Fried mushrooms which in fact is western street food.
Bamieh: A fried dough made of wheat flour flavored with water and sugar.

How to find street food in Iran?

If you are in Tehran, you must visit 30 Tir Street, a cobblestone street with food trucks. You can find different street foods in Iran there and try everything!

While in Isfahan you can go to Shahin Shahr and explore Ferdowsi street at night when food trucks come to open their wonders and serve you delicious street foods.

In Shiraz, the beautiful Chamran street is where you want to explore and eat Iranian street food.

Your Iranian tour guide can help you find the best street foods in Iran.