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Fooka Cafe

As a freshen and modern alternative to the old traditional teahouses of  Yazd, with its new decoration like hanging coffee cups, is a popular meeting place for Yazd's younger crowd. A full menu of Persian traditional dishes is available and there is rooftop seating with a nice view of Yazd city along with the glorious skyline that includes the blue shrine of Seyed Rokn-Ol-din especially. You can enjoy your Persian dish while you are watching the view of the city, especially at sunset. This restaurant is located on Masjed Jame Street, thus you have a mix of tradition and modern ambiance.

Mud-dried bricks, a pair of domes, and traditional Persian-colored windows go hand in hand with modern decor. An old gramophone, an antique motorcycle, and a wall decorated with stumps can be seen as you enter the space. The food at Fooka Cafe has also been touched with tradition and modern style. They have a very varied menu but we recommend that you try their famous leg of lamb. Braised with caramelized onions, the lamb thighs are very moist and melt in your mouth. To drink, you can take their mojito without alcohol, with layers of lemon and mint that give an elegant detox touch. For dessert, you should have Persian tea along with Haji Badam (brown balls of crunchy sweets).