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Reza Abbasi Museum Housing a valuable collection of arts, paintings

Reza Abbasi Museum

Reza Abbasi Museum Housing a valuable collection of art, paintings, calligraphy, and art book, the Museum consists of two divisions: Pre-Islamic and Islamic Galleries. This Museum, located in a modern four-story building, was named after the famous painter of the Safavid period. Its collection covers Iranian Art from 6,000 BC to the 20th century. In the first gallery, objects from the pre-historical and historical periods illustrate the gradual development of technology and man's adaptation of earthly materials to the needs of daily life: a large collection of Lurestan Bronzes, artifacts of the Achaemenian, Parthian, and Sassanian periods. In the second gallery (three halls), you will see works of calligraphy, one of the finest achievements of the Islamic period, particularly in the Koran room; a comprehensive record of the Iranian tradition of painting, the art of illumination, and etchings by various travelers to Iran; and well-made, finely proportioned and sometimes exquisite items used as utilities or ornaments: pottery, metalworks, architectural elements, jewelry and textiles from the Seljuk, Timurid, and Safavid periods.
At the end of a tour of the galleries, one will appreciate the idea of why each craftsman should be called an artist in his own right, whether his creations were for ordinary customers or wealthy patrons.
Like most Iranian museums, the Reza Abbasi Museum has a library of its own which can be used by scholars and researchers, and a book shop where a wide range of publications and posters by nearly all museums of Tehran along with photographic books and postcards on Iran are offered. Visiting hours: 9:00-12:00 and 13:0016:00 except Mondays. Address: Pol-e Seyed Khandan, Shariati Ave. Tel: 863001-3.