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Jabalie Dome

The most famous stony monuments in Kerman city with different names like Jabalieh Dome, Rock Dome, Gabri Dome, or Gonbad-e Jabaliyeh. This great and historical monument is made of stone and brick and its architectural effects have been inspired by the Sassanid period. It was repaired during the first decades of the advent of Islam in Iran. There are some local and oral documents and quotations related to this monument. But it is not mentioned more in historical books.

Jabalie Dome Inner part

This valuable building built in an octagon shape and stone is the main material in its construction. The materials used in the walls are carcass stone with gypsum on the outside and lime on the inner walls. 

The height of the building is eighteen meters and the exterior of the building is in three parts:

Jabalie Dome the stone roof

-The lower part is octagonal with thick walls, on each side of which there is a large arch.
-The middle part at the top of the first part. It is a hexagonal base, and its diameter is smaller than the main diameter of the building.
-The upper part or ceiling is a stone dome or roof in the highest part.

Jabalie Dome the stone Museum

This stone building has turned into a stone museum and some stone objects like historical tombstones display in this museum.