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Filband, An earthly paradise above clouds

Can you walk on the clouds? certainly No?
But there are places to donate this beautiful feeling to you.  
Filband Village is the best destination to walk above the clouds!
Filband Village or the clouds village is also known as the roof of Amol city is a picturesque and undiscovered area above the mountains and the most famous nature tourism destination for adventure tours.

Filband, An earthly paradise above clouds

A cool Heaven among Clouds!

The Filband village or the roof of Mazandaran with more than 2300 meters above the sea is a country area for the local people of Amol city and a unique destination for some tourism adventure tours. Most villages in this area are covered with white, fluffy clouds or fog and are cooler than other parts of the region. These villages and especially the Filband are dazzling and amazing tourism destinations for those who seek unique natural landscapes.

Filband Head in the clouds!

Head in the clouds!

The ocean of clouds traped among the mountains is the main reason why people love to visit this dreamy village. When you are here, the village and dense forests surrounded by clouds have amazing landscapes around you. Therefore, you would have a fantastic location with fewer seen sights for photography.

Filband Best time to visit

Best time to visit

Since this region is located in the mountains of the Amol region, it has a cold mountainous climate. Roads to the area have hard access in the second half of the year, with snowfall and rain. So, spring and summer are the best seasons for tourists. It is from late April to September and October before the weather gets cold again.
To see the sea of clouds, it is recommended to visit Filband in the last months of Spring. The end of the Spring is the best time to watch the ocean of clouds above the mountain when the locals say here is " A Tiny Earthly Paradise". Sunrises and sunsets are magnificent and unforgettable sense that you have never seen before and you’ll observe the sky changing colors in a way that can hardly be seen in other parts. The tranquility and calmness of the village, along with a delightful climate and fresh mountain air, will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience. At the end of the trip, you will probably be reluctant to leave Filband and return to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Filband Something to see
Something to see

On your way to the village, you will have the opportunity to watch many picturesque scenes. Also, rural artist women will offer you a variety of local souvenirs and handmade dolls. These products usually include a variety of plates or baskets that are prepared with natural materials such as grass, wood, boards, or thin branches of trees. Herds of sheep, goats, and cows with bells on their necks play the best natural music that you have not ever heard. Although the city is very small, it offers countless panoramic views, each one of great beauty, like a wonderful postcard.

Filband Where to stay
Where to stay?

If you are going to fall in love with nature with no modern facilities and amenities this is the very place that you are searching for. A natural and rough village with simple houses and hospitable people. Most facilities and residences are really basic, even though in recent years some new houses are made for tourists. You can select one of the local new or old houses to have comfortable accommodation.
You will have this opportunity to stay at local cottages and chill out on their balconies with the unique views of the mountains and clouds. If you are going to relax in nature and spend the night under the starry sky with million and million stars, camping will be your best choice.  So choose one of the safe places around the village and enjoy the beauties of nature.  Don’t forget about taking warm clothes as well. The temperature will drop dramatically as you go higher and the weather is so unpredictable here.

What to do in Filband Mazandaran

What to do
Hicking, walking, and mountaineering are some favorite activities that you can do here.

Zereshk Polo (Barberry Rice)

What to eat in Filband
There are a few local restaurants like Hali No Restaurant and Rasooli Restaurant that offer you local dishes with fresh and native ingredients.

How to get there
Filband has located 190 Km(4 Hours) from Tehran to Amol.
The Haraz highway is the best access to this mountainous village.

By Bus or Vehicle
The Tehran east terminal has regular buses to Amol the closest city to Filband village. You can take a local Taxi or Minibus to Filband area from Amol.