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Land of Waves and Corals, Ever-Spring Land, Chabahar

By: M Ahmadi
In southeastern of Iran, along seashores of Makran Sea and the Indian Ocean lies a jewel of unknown beauties. A land whose four seasons is one and that is the beautiful spring. A land full of wonders and a paradise of unknowns that enamors any visitor and tourist. I remember for the first time when I had a trip to this part of our infinite beautiful country, Iran, on my way near the city of Iranshahr, the nature around the road began to change as if I were about to enter a new land, and the more I got closer to Chabahar port the more attractive the nature became, and absorb eyes of any passer. I was drowned in the beauties of the roadside and I could not believe that such a diverse and attractive area exists in this corner of our beautiful Iran. Vegetation, camels on roadsides, and even the color of the soil and shapes of the mountains were astonishing to me.

When I arrived at Chabahar port, it was unbelievable that such an important commercial and tourism jewel with rich history exists in the most southeast point of the country. Chabahar Portis a seaport in Chabahar located in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman. It serves as Iran's only oceanic port of the country. The port of Chabahar is located on the Makran coast of Sistan and Baluchistan Province, next to the Gulf of Oman and at the mouth of Strait of Hormuz. Itis the only Iranian port with direct access to the Indian Ocean; thus, it is known as Golden-Gate of the country and it is the important free zone in the southeastern part of Iran Attractions of Ever-Spring Land: Ramin Village Located in the eastern part of Chabahar. In this village, there are ancient trees known as "Makr-e Zanan" (Women trick) or "Anjir-e Maabed" (Figs of Temples) dating back to more than 500 years ago and located in front of an ancient graveyard in the village. Ramin-Chabahar Road can bring you an enchanting half-day trip. You can enjoy the amazing landscape of waves smashing coral reefs. Lipar Wetland (Pink Wetland) Located in 10km east of Ramin village; Pink Wetland! Due to the pink color soil of the region, a pink wetland is created between two mountains. This phenomenon is so dramatic that any tourist unconsciously admires the creator of all these differences and beauties. A Tour to Mars, Martian Mountains (Miniature Mountains) Experience a tour to Mars on a trip to Chabahar. Located 50km east of Chabahar, in the road of Chabahar-Guatre Road, just next to the road. Miniature Mountains are an extension of Zagros Mountain Range and extended even to Pakistan. High wrinkled mountains with various forms represent the glory of Expressionism and Realism in festivals of beauty and charm, it is as you enter another planet, and the glittering splendor gives you a dreamy look to these mountains. Chabahar-Guatre Road In the road from Chabahar Port to Gulf Of Guatre there are unique landscapes that could not be found in any other parts of beautiful Iran. Chabahar-Guatre Road must be considered as one of the most wonderful roads of Iran that at any time of the year you can experience driving in a road that charms any tourist and visitor.

Ever-Spring Land, Chabahar land scape

Gelafshan Mountains
Gelafshan Mountains Springs are one of the wonders of Chabahar, located in northwestern of the Chabahar Port. In these mountains, there are springs who spray mud toward the sky. During thousands of years, these accumulated dried muds creates some amazing mountains known as Gelafshan Mountains. The natural phenomenon of spaying mud springs has an important place among local beliefs. Local people believe that when these springs spraying mud it is a sign of grace and blessings from the skies and heaven. This Village Ancient Tis Village located in 5km northWestern Chabahar. During the reign of the Achae menid Empire (550-330 BC) This was one of the important commercial ports. Since ancient times tradesmen used elephants for transporting their goods, by touring in the village you can find many old wells and elephant straps. There are ancient castles since Portuguese occupation (1515-1622 AD) that has a good view of the ocean. Other tourist attractions of Tis are a recreational coast, a fishing quay, three wonderful holes in the mountain with their amazing stories and even their holiness, and Tis mosque and its minaret.

Ever-Spring Land, Chabahar port

A Tour in Chabahar
 In the ever-spring port of Iran, the ancient and modern urban texture is located next to each other in a harmonious way. Enjoyment of walking in its ancient bazaar is indescribable. Near the modern commercial center, you can visit Persian crocodile known as "Gandoe Crocodile”. If you are curious about hanging around and surfing the town you can have a visit to the old building of Telegraph office holy foothold of Elias the prophet, and the Temple of Imamzadeh. Taste local foods in the ancient bazaar of ever spring port and ask for the fruit of Papaya from fruit stores. Do not miss the coast of Darya Bozorg (the Great Sea Coast)and its natural aquarium.

Chahbahar  Darak Village where the sea meets the desert

Let's go to Darak....!
Located in 170km west Chabahar along Makran Sea, there is a pure and unique region where desert and sea meet. In this region, sand dunes go back to back to the bosom of the sea. The queue of palm trees adorns azure blue of the sea creates a magnificent landscape of wonders of nature, which few assume there would be such a coastline at heart of east Iran. Actually. Ever-spring land is a brilliant jewel of southeastern Iran, which presents a very different travel experience to any tourist. From its unique and fascinating beaches to its Baluch culture and delicious foods and fruits, and astonishing roads, all make memories that touch every tourist's hearts.