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A horrible destination, Kal e Jeni Canyon

The mysteries and wonders of nature always attract human beings to them. Some are adventurous and set off for mysteries and wonders, and others take care and wait for the truth to be discovered. Discovering the truth is the stimulus of the road. Follow us, we are going to the Kal-e Jeni region, in Tabas county, in South Khorasan province.

A horrible destination, Kal e Jeni Canyon

Kal e Jeni or the fairy valley is a canyon located in the village of Azmighan, in the north of Tabas County, in the province of South Khorasan, along with the participation of a Qanat located near Mysterious land, a silent valley, with cool and pleasant weather in the heart of hot lands. which affects life there dates back at least to the time of the Sassanid Empire (224-651 AD). A magnificent and wonderful canyon that the locals call the fairy valley.
The etymology of this region is such that it consists of Kal-Jeni in two parts. "Kal" is a term that refers to canyons or paths created by flooding and the flow of water. And because of the belief of the locals for the existence of fairies in this canyon the second part. "Jeni" has been added to her name. This canyon in some parts has a U shape and in other parts has a V shape. Looking at the sky, you see only a small part of the sky at the distance of two high walls, and in some other parts due to the proximity of two walls, there would be no sign of the sky; it would just be you surrounded by rock walls. Here is very different from its surrounding deserts. Here, water is not scarce and it can. There are small waterfalls that the locals call "Sholan". Ponds have been created and some have a depth of up to 5 meters and they are suitable for swimming and enjoying the cool water in hot weather. Water erosion in this location is at its peak and has created strange patterns in the riverbed. After this region, the earth becomes dry and arid. Water is directed to a Qanat and the private water canyon.

Kal-e Jeni Canyon

There are holes inside the walls that catch your eye. At first glance, you may feel that these holes are caused by the natural erosion of the water, but by looking closely, you will find that they are artificial. There is the entrance to a well 2 meters from the ground, you can enter it with the help of a companion; this well is 7 to 8 meters high from its entrance, and you can go back up using holes dug inside the body of the well. Then, after the well, you reach a hall with two vestibules, each containing a few rooms. All are man-made and were created inside such a strange canyon. The traces of the axes of the architectures are still visible in his rooms. According to the advice of experts from the Cultural Heritage Organization, this monument dates back to Sassanid times and it seems to be used for the ritual of monotheism by Chele Neshini ”. Structure of Kal-e Jeni Kal-e Jeni composed of main Kal (Canyon) and a subsidiary Kal. The main Kal starts from the palm grove and reaches the village of Azmighan. The mainstream of water, which invites green plants to take a sip of water on its way, begins at the source of Azmighan.

Kal-e Jeni Canyon Tabass

This water flows through a canal and reaches a qanat and leaves the main kal. The unique wanderings and vestiges of the colonies of the Gabre people begin here. In the village of Azmighan, the beautiful combination of palm trees and rice fields can be observed simultaneously. The natural growth of a palm grove in the heart of this catchy arid desert Attractions of Kale Jeni The existence of tunnels and houses known as colonies of Gabre people inside rocky walls, which were built by local Zoroastrians, is another attraction of this canyon. These colonies probably date back to the Sassanid era. Holes and tunnels of these colonies are located inside the rock walls of the canyon. The accessible path to these holes is a difficult path. On the way to these holes, there are tunnels that probably served as connecting roads. Access road On the road to Isfahan-Tabas, after passing the cities of Naein and Khor, you will arrive in Tabas. Azmighan Village is located 48 km northeast of Tabas. After completing the tarmac road and reaching the village of Azmighan and past 5 km of unpaved road, you will arrive at the canyon.

There are two paths to enter the canyon. One is at the end of an unpaved road which is actually the start of the canyon, and the second is in the middle of an unpaved road, and you can enter the canyon by a cleavage created by the act of 'natural erosion. Our suggestion is the first way. There is a flow of water in the first path which created a green region. Naturally, the dense growing palm trees and the canebrake are located at the beginning of the canyon. Suggestions for Kooleh Make a visit to this magnificent canyon during your trip to the province of South Khorasan. Keep an extra set of clothing, mostly for your sudden urge to swim inside the canyon pools, to do it carefree and carefree. Take appropriate climbing shoes and suitable shoes to pass the canyon. Take this natural phenomenon on your trip to Kal-e Jens, and having no trace of damage in this canyon, locals and other visitors alike will be happy. Do not travel alone in this region and be accompanied by a local guide. The canyon is very high with a steep slope which can lead to many dangers. To get inside the canyon, you need to be familiar with the area, and even if you don't believe in fairies, never go walking alone in the canyon, as there is a high possibility of getting lost.