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The Median Empire (615 BC - 549 BC)

Medes, the First (Western) Iranian Kingdom
The Medians were the first successful group of Aryans nearly seven centuries BC. to form a government stretching from west to northwest and central Iran - which was the most important development in Iran's history. With the immense support of the people, Diacose succeeded in unifying several feudal governments on the Iranian plateau and formed the largest kingdom of the year 788 BC.
Some historians believe that thanks to the strength and prowess of the Median tribes and their repeated wars with the Assyrians and Sogdians, Phraorte, the second middle king, succeeded in establishing the middle empire. He was the son of Diacose and played a great role in establishing order in the median government. Hegmataneh or the present Hamadan has been chosen as the capital of the Middle Kingdom. He built a large palace surrounded by several walls, each painted with a different color, to glorify his capital. Midwayers were very skilled metalworkers and goldsmiths and valuable antiques survived. After 200 years (550 BC (Cyrus, son-in-law of the last king of the media), puts an end to the rule of the median.


Golden rhyton from Iran's Achaemenid period.

Golden rhyton from Iran's Achaemenid period.

Excavated at Ecbatana. Kept at National Museum

of Iran.

Due to the stories of Herodotus, there were six Median groups:

"Thus, Deioces gathered the Medes in one nation and governed them alone. Now, it is the tribes that compose them: the Busae, the Paretaceni, the Struchates, Arizanti, the Budii and the Magi. "
These Median groups resided in Media proper, the triangular area between Rhagae, Aspadana, and Ecbatana. Now it is an area between Tehran, Isfahan, and Hamadan provinces. Among the middle tribes, the Magi resided in Rhaga, the modern island of Tehran.
They belonged to a sacred caste that met the spiritual needs of the Medes. The Paretaceni tribe resided in and around Aspadana, the modern Isfahan, the Arizanti lived around Kashan (Isfahan province), and the Busae tribe in around the future median capital of Ecbatana, near Hamadan.