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How the Americans can travel to Iran
Iran is not on travel plan of most people but it should be.19 monuments of the UNESCO Organization have been registered in this country. You don’t often hear a lot of positive things about Iran in the news. But all visitors just have the satisfaction and wonder of this beautiful country. Iran is a beautiful country with incredibly hospitable people.

it is perfectly legal to travel to Iran as an American citizen

Are Americans allowed to Visit Iran?
Some people think that traveling to Iran is forbidden for Americans. Americans can travel to Iran freely. But there are 2 very simple things for them. It is very clear that the relationship between Iran and US strained due to many political but it is perfectly legal to travel to Iran as an American citizen.
All American citizens can travel to Iran on basis a tour itinerary and booked hotels. It is legal.

How to Apply for an Iranian Visa
Americans need to apply for an authorization number from the Iranian Ministry of the Foreign affair (MFA). This is doing by all US travel agents or a direct contact with Iranian tour operator. The MFA will approve your itinerary and your tour operator should be able to help you with the process. This process takes about 45 days.

(Iran Easing Entry Rules)

Can Americans Travel Solo in Iran?
Unfortunately, American citizens should have a tour guide during their tour itinerary and while they are in Iran. This means that you would have an Iranian tour guide at all the paths of the program. Of course, this companion will not have any problem for you. Of course, this companion not only have any problem for you but also will help you in most places. Have a close relationship with your guide and tour company to plan your trip. So you don’t miss anything while on your tour program.

Private tour or Group tour
Individual tours are better but they are more expensive. Small group tours are another great alternative.

Refusal of Entry into Iran
Admission to Iran can be refused to anyone who has a visa/stamp from Israel. If you have a stamp from Israel you might want to apply for a brand new clean passport to avoid any problems. If you have traveled to Israel since 2013 you might have noticed it is standard practice to issue your stamp on a separate piece of paper and this avoids the problem completely. But keep this in mind when applying for a visa for Iran if you have traveled to Israel.

Travel to Iran Without a Visa
Kish Island is the only place that you can arrive without the visa. At Kish International Airport no entry visa is required. This means if you would like to travel to Iran without a visa Kish Island is your only option.

Dress Code in Iran
Hijab is one of the requirements of ladies and gentlemen in Iran as an Islamic country. All tourists should follow a series of hijab laws in Iran. More

Is Iran Safe to Visit
Iran is safer than many countries that you have ever traveled. Americans, will be welcomed by locals with open arms. Follow the local customs and culture and you should have a great time on your visit to Iran. Iran is a safe place to visit for Americans.