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Iranian tourist visa

Qatari Citizens can take Iranian tourist visa upon arrival
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar: Iran Issues Airport Tourist Visa to Qatari Citizens.

Hyrcanian Forest

Hyrcanian Forest registered as the second natural world heritage of Iran after Lout Desert
The second natural effect of Iran has registered after the Lut desert in the 43rd of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Hyrcanian forests in northern Iran and in the south of the Caspian Sea are spread in 3 northern provinces of Iran Mazandaran-Gilan and Golestan provinces are covered with these forests of 40 million years old.

Iran's first Underwater Restaurant

Iran's first Underwater Restaurant
The first and the biggest undersea restaurant opened at Kish Island-Iran.
The project has been implemented in the Persian Gulf with the support of the Science and Technology Department of the Presidential Office.
The restaurant is one of the largest ones in the world and designed as an independent floating structure with national and foreign experts as well as cutting-edge technology.

A Better Iran Tour With Audio Guide App

A Better Iran Tour With Audio Guide App
The app offers a step-by-step audio guide through the attractions and allows the tourist to visit the site at his own pace without worrying about missing the explanations. As part of an innovative initiative, a private company in Shiraz, Fars Province, has designed an application that allows tourists to visit Iran's attractions on its own as it offers a comprehensive overview of the places in English on smartphones.

How to get to Iran without a visa

How to get to Iran without a visa?
Iran is a country of immense beauty, charm and mystery of the old world. The number of trips to Iran is increasing steadily and more and more people are choosing to visit the country.
Iran's long history, unique culture and wide range of climates make traveling in the country an unforgettable experience. From the Caspian Sea in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south, Iran is full of many tourist attractions, almost intact. The country is also home to 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Is Iran safe for solo woman traveller

Is Iran safe for a single female traveler?
As a 43-year-old woman, I wanted an adventure so I went to Iran solo.
Lorena Skipper was about to fly to Iran, only when she looked down at her nails. They were bright pink.
"Before I left, the color had been reduced to a more subtle brown," she explains at, "just in case.

New York Times selected Iran on places to go list for 2019

New York Times selected Iran on places to go list for 2019

Do Iranian people are the most welcoming people in the world? Is Iran the most welcoming country in the world?

All signs point to yes. Iran is one of the most beautiful Islamic countries with a special culture and architecture. Covered mosques with colorful tiles and beautiful nice mosaics and the voice of prayer heard from the minarets and invites them to pray. Iran is a relatively undiscovered destination,  now is the perfect time to visit.

Iran, Spain Improve Their Agritourism Ties

Iran, Spain Improve Their Agritourism Ties
The economic potential and investment opportunities in the tourism and agriculture sectors of the northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi were presented to the Ambassador of Spain in Iran, Eduardo López Busquets, at a meeting held in the Chamber of Commerce of the province on Saturday.

Construction of Kish Island’s First 7-Star Hotel

Construction of Kish Island’s First 7-Star Hotel Underway
onstruction work has begun to build a 7-star hotel on the southern Kish Island.
A groundbreaking ceremony was held last week on Wednesday in the presence of parliamentarian Mohammad Reza Aref, CEO of Kish Free Zone Gholamhossein Mozaffari and the project investor, Hossein Robati.

Qatar Airways to boost Iran services

Qatar Airways to boost Iran services from early next year

Qatar Airways will boost its operations in Iran with a new twice-weekly direct service to Iran. These services would be to Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz International Airports, starting from February 4th. The carrier is also introducing increased services to Shiraz and Tehran, from early January 2019.

  Iran one of the safest countries as like as the UK

Iran one of the safest countries as like as the UK
Iran one of the safest countries as like as the UK and Slovenia, Denmark and Switzerland among world's least dangerous countries.
 You can travel to Iran with high security like safe countries in Europe. The 2019 Travel Risk Map, launched by global risk experts International SOS.

Tehran to hold Drents Museum objects in Tehran
Starting on 2 October, objects from the Drents Museum collection will be in the National Museum of Iranian-Tehran. It is an exchange of historical objects in order to introduce the culture of the Netherlands.A recent exhibition of Iranian art and culture has also been held in this country.

Iranian Culture and Art at the Paris Tourism Fair(IFTM Top Resa)
This year Iranian travel agencies have a great presence on the Parisian display. In addition to presenting Iranian art and culture, the different tours program of Iran will introduce to visitors.

Stolen Achaemenid bas-relief returned to Iran
Achaemenid soldier,From Persepolis to a Bedroom in Canada.A 90-year trip to an Achaemenid soldier 2500 years old.

Iran Easing Entry Rules
Iran has more protective measures to support the country's tourism industry.These actions will be imposed against unilateral US sanctions against Iran.