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Hyrcanian Forest

Hyrcanian Forest registered as the second natural world heritage of Iran after Lout Desert
The second natural effect of Iran has registered after the Lut desert in the 43rd of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Hyrcanian forests in northern Iran and in the south of the Caspian Sea are spread in 3 northern provinces of Iran Mazandaran-Gilan and Golestan provinces are covered with these forests of 40 million years old.

Iran's first Underwater Restaurant

Iran's first Underwater Restaurant
The first and the biggest undersea restaurant opened at Kish Island-Iran.
The project has been implemented in the Persian Gulf with the support of the Science and Technology Department of the Presidential Office.
The restaurant is one of the largest ones in the world and designed as an independent floating structure with national and foreign experts as well as cutting-edge technology.

A Better Iran Tour With Audio Guide App

A Better Iran Tour With Audio Guide App
The app offers a step-by-step audio guide through the attractions and allows the tourist to visit the site at his own pace without worrying about missing the explanations. As part of an innovative initiative, a private company in Shiraz, Fars Province, has designed an application that allows tourists to visit Iran's attractions on its own as it offers a comprehensive overview of the places in English on smartphones.

How to get to Iran without a visa

How to get to Iran without a visa?
Iran is a country of immense beauty, charm and mystery of the old world. The number of trips to Iran is increasing steadily and more and more people are choosing to visit the country.
Iran's long history, unique culture and wide range of climates make traveling in the country an unforgettable experience. From the Caspian Sea in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south, Iran is full of many tourist attractions, almost intact. The country is also home to 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.