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Why Yazd Tourism
Lying in the heart of Iran's desert of Kavir-e Markazi on one hand and resting on the mountainside of Shirkou with a height of 4075 meters above the sea level on the other hand makes the city of Yazd enjoy the dramatic change in temperature. Spending about an hour traveling a distance of at least two kilometers makes each tourist aware of the palpable change in temperature up to 40°.

Tourists visit Yazd

During the day and night, the desert of Kavir experiences the same change in temperature too. In the day the sky is clear and sunny and at night it is full of stars whose beauty transcends whatever has been created by humans. It is true that Yazd has been considered as one of the historical cities in the world together with Venice by UNESCO.
It is true that Yazd has been named the first "adobe city of the world. It is true that over 6500 historical remains have been found here and all depict the elegance of a long history, Yazd in part a desert and in part a mountainous area can be the tourists' focal point due to its rare species of plants, animals and medicinal herbs in the protected areas.

Couple Tourists visit Yazd

The culture, the custom, and the national and religious rituals survive the lasting clashes in history intact because it's located in the middle of the ancient country of Iran. The people living here have been known for their hospitality as well as sociability. The cultural heritage, handicrafts, and tourism organizations create versatile tourism boards and arrange various tours based on the plans and schemes underway.
The organization is gearing up to promote eco-tourism and sightseeing Plans to find out, select and introduce twenty exemplary villages, being able to be the key destinations for tourists, together with a road map are on the drawing board. The organization is also gearing up to offer athletic, religious, and remedial tourisms.
Having over thirty modern and traditional hotels ranging from one-star hotels to four-star ones, over 2000 beds and 10 traditional restaurants makes the city truly unique.

Tourists and religious ceremony

The old clay buildings with their unique and architectural characters have been rejuvenated and converted into the traditional restaurants and accommodations (see the charts of hotels and traditional restaurants). 30 travel agencies and tour operators in a bid to provide services such as ticket-selling and tour-organizing offer their activities (see the respective chart). Over 20 popular tourist attractions (in desert and mountainous region) have been spotted and chosen. The private sectors subsidized by the government finance the plans afoot which will be operating by next year. 12 tourism projects concerning entertainment and accommodation have been afoot in cooperation with the private sector.
Since the city of Yazd houses the international antidesertion and qanat information centers, the tourists' access to the underground sights of qanat may promote its tourism to the full, therefore many projects regarding the construction and overhaul of qanat are underway.