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2 Days tour Yazd
If you want to get acquainted with the Zoroastrians of Yazd, join us on this tour. The second day of the Yazd city tour dedicated to the Zoroastrians. This Religious minority has lived here for hundreds of years. They have been the world's first monotheistic religion. Your second-day tour is a little slower-paced and dedicated to discovering the Zoroastrians. you will visit the Zoroastrians' Museum, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple with a 4,00-year-old sacred fire, and the Tower of Silence.
in the end, you will have a short journey to the desert. A place that fascinates all with its beauties and you will enjoy the enchanting sunset.

Zoroastrians Museum
A great place to start learning all about Zoroastrians of Yazd. This fascinating museum, along with two other important Zoroastrian sites, will take you to a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the Zoroastrians throughout history. you can learn about Zoroastrians, get to a general understanding of where they live, where their temples are in Yazd province, how they practice, where they practice, what their main traditions and ceremonies are, and who was Zoroaster.
Also, there are Zoroastrian guides who speak fluent English and help you for free. What do you think? Thus, I highly recommend visiting this museum before any other sightings of Zoroastrians. Also, its attractive brick building with the story of its founder,  Mr. Markar from India would be nice.

Fire Temple
Now is time to visit one of the most creditable monuments of Yazd and Zoroastrians. The fire temple is a beautiful Zoroastrian monument. It is 750 M far from the Zoroastrian Museum.

Kerman Zoroastrian Fire temple

A sacred fire from 470 AD. Fire is an important component of Zoroastrianism, the world's oldest monotheistic religion. The monument located in the middle of a lovely garden and you can see the flame from behind a glass window.

Isfahan Zoroastrian Fire temple

Dakhme Zoroastrian (Towers of Silence)
In the desert, just around the corner of Yazd, a circular monument on a hill, the Tower of Silence.  A place that Zoroastrians had been doing their funeral rituals.
A form of excarnation has performed from ancient times until a short time ago.

About 50 years ago the Iranian government banned them to do their ceremonies and Orthodox Zoroastrians were forced to find new methods of burial.
You will need to take a taxi to reach the towers, just tell Dakhma to any taxi driver and they will know where you want to go (it costs around IR 500,000 Rial or USD 4(2021) including the return and wait time).

Now is lunchtime

There are different restaurants around the Silence tower. You can select one of them and have a party with Iranian delicious dishes. After a mouth-watering Persian dish, is time to do your exciting part of your journey. Yazd's desert where can capture your soul.

The most famous desert close to Yazd is the Karakal desert. It is located 123 Km far from Dakhme and higher Taxi cost. We suggest the Haft sang desert ( seven stone). It is located just 19 Km from Dakhme with different services for fun desert hiking.

Haft Sang Desert Camp
Haft Sang Desert is the closest desert, located in the northeastern part of Yazd. If you are going to do a short day trip to Yazd Desert, Haft Sang desert camp is the best option. You have not only the desert camp but also can use different desert activities like Camel riding, Safari, Zip Line, Four-wheeled motorcycle, Star watching, sand Volleyball & Football, Paraglider along with different restaurants, coffee shops, and different residences.
Experience the true beauties of the desert, observe native wildlife, leave your old life behind on the dune line, and walk with nomadic guides and camels through the soft sands of the Sahara.

Hiking in the desert - yes, that's one thing. Hiking in the desert is one of the most beautiful and difficult expeditions you can take. The landscapes are dramatic, almost lunar, the silence is peaceful, uniting you with the sand under your feet and the sun above your head. The wildlife is without a doubt unique, from Haloxylon to charming animals, there is something new around every corner.

Endless sandy landscapes, rolling dunes, sand squishy underfoot - or blown in your face by the wind; in fact, sand: EVERYWHERE! In your boots, in your pockets, in your… teeth! But despite these little tortures (and with sandals on, not boots) - the desert is of otherworldly beauty, breathtaking, numbing the brain, hypnotizing.