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The Mullah Ismael Mosque
Molla Ismail Mosque is one of the biggest Qajar period mosques In the reign of Fath Ali Shah in Yazd  Province, built by the late "Molla Mohammad Ismail Aqdai" in 19th century in the south of Khan Bazaar. Mullah Ismail Mosque is made of raw bricks and clay with mud and gypsum mortar. This mosque has 3 naves and a high porch and a dome with a diameter of about 16 meters.

The Mullah Ismael Mosque

This mosque, which is very similar to Amir Chakhmaq Mosque in Yazd, is located next to Khan Bazaar. This mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran of its kind, which has very beautiful and delicate decorations and distinguishes it from others in Iran. The most beautiful decorations are visible in stucco and brick vaulted accompanied by a few tiles. Also, you can see the best kind of Brick threshold arch on the wall of the Mosque and school. The unique mosque with 32 columns and a massive dome measuring 15/75 meters in diameter, makes this magnificent mosque really unique in the world.

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