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The Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

Amir Chakhmaq collection which is one of the most important and famous historical monuments of Yazd belongs to the ninth century AH and is a relic of the Timurid period.  This complex is one of the most important sights of Yazd and includes a bazaar, a reliance, a mosque, and two water reservoirs. Amir Jalaluddin Chaghmaq (Chakhmaq) was one of the commanders of Shahrokh Teymouri in the eighth century AD, who created a large collection during his rule over Yazd.
Among the numerous buildings, which included a mosque, Tekiyeh, Ab Anbar, a school, and a bath, only two excellent monuments, the Tekiyeh, and the mosque, have survived.

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

The Amir Chakhmaq Mosque
The Amir Chakhmaq Mosque, also known as the Dahouk Mosque or the Jame nou Mosque, is a historic mosque from the Timurid era in Yazd, Iran. This mosque is built by the order of Jalal ed-Din Amir Chakhmaq Shami, one of the governors of Yazd during Shahrukh Mirza. The mosque was completed in 1438. From the point of view of aesthetics, size, and importance, it is one of the most outstanding buildings in Yazd.

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It is the oldest building of the Amir Chaqmaq Complex on the south side of the square that was built in the Azari style of Islamic architecture. It has two entrance gates, one is from the adjacent alley and the other is from the courtyard of the Tomb of Seti Fatima(Shahrokh's Wife); Therefore, there is a common courtyard between the grave and the mosque.

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque  Yazd

You can see Hashti (a kind of corridor in Islamic architecture) with brick cladding and mosaics at the entrance to the alley. The roof of the mosque was formed as a vault. Also, there is a Badgir or windcatcher (an architectural element) on the southwest side that faces the alley. (They use Badgir or wind catchers to cool the space). In the north corridor, there is an elegant latticework with mosaics that were installed on the windows.
At the top of this beautiful mosque, there is a discrete two-shell Nari dome, which is covered with green tiles.
A tiled Iwan (the entrance structure of traditional places) has created a striking sight at the Amir Chakhmaq mosque. It also has two winters and summer Shabestan (a chamber-like prayer room that can usually be found in traditional places). there is a wonderful Badgir (windcatcher) over the Mihrab in the summer part; The Shabestan winter that is on the sides of the entrance corridor provides its lighting by marble.