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Arabzadeh House

Another valuable historical house in Yazd, which is located in the old neighborhood of Fahadan and next to the Yazd Jame Mosque, is the House of the Arabzadeh.
This historical house, which belongs to the Qajar period, is a museum of Yazdi artists' that shows their decoration and architecture, which has now been turned into a coin museum.

In this beautiful museum, you will not only see a part of the history of Iran business but also get more acquainted with the architectural art of Yazd smart architects.
It is also known as the Heidarzadeh museum, due to the coins and anthropology objects devoted by Mr, Heidarzadeh. This old house, like other vernacular houses in Yazd, has its local architecture based on high walls (family security) - an indirect entrance door to the house - a corridor overlooking the yard - an inner and outer courtyard - multiple rooms around the yard and its pool - colored windows - numerous decorations with plastering - beautiful paintings in the rooms and a windcatcher as the most important part of the desert areas' architecture.

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The courtyard of the Arabzadeh House stretches from north to south and there is a large pond in the middle. There are two tracks (small rooms on the sides of the shaneshin) with two doors on each side of the summer room. There are panjdaris (rooms with five doors) and Sedaris (rooms with three doors) in the entrance hall and the doors to the panjdari rooms are made of wood, lattice with stained glass. This building has beautiful arabesque plasterwork depicting the Karbala incident. The basement, located below the panjdari rooms, has added to the beauty and space of the historic Arabzade House. The great room and the wooden Kalbandi of the patio doors show the harmony and beauty of the building. The upper room of this house was dedicated to the guests of the Arabzadeh family.