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Top 10 Hotels in Yazd

Imagine you are going to travel to a historical city like Yazd which is one of the important cities in Iran tourism. A city that is also registered in the UNESCO world heritage site because of its, unique architecture, Windcatchers, Qanat, ancient textiles, and hundreds of other ones. Do you prefer to stay in a lux hotel like all standard hotels all over the world? or do you want to experience a new style of hotel that you have never had?
Staying in an old and historical hotel (Renovated) with old traditional design and decorations that belongs to more than 150 years ago and experience a dreamy stay.
Now, which one do you prefer? Undoubtedly, the second one.
Travelers generally prefer old interesting places and historic homes, and for the most part, staying in these hotels is one of the motivations for traveling to this city. Imagine not only you travel to a historic city with unique Iranian architecture, but also living as a guest in one of these historic houses, and you are immersed in the history of these houses.
The old cities of Iran like Isfahan, Kashan, and Yazd are the best places for this new experience. You can find the best houses/hotels in these cities that will amaze you, even though you stay just one night. So, if you are attracted to staying in a historical hotel, even for one night, DO NOT miss this article at all because we are going to introduce the old houses and buildings in Yazd that have changed into historic hotels.

This list is based on passenger feedback.

Shaarbaf Hotel

1- Shaarbaf Hotel

Saray Shaarbaf Hotel
Accommodation in historical houses is one of the most attractive parts of traveling to Yazd. This part of your trip is not only a memorable stay but also a trip to the depths of the architectural history of this city. If you are looking for such an experience, this hotel is one of your best options because you have selected one of the best hotels in Yazd. This hotel has been selected as the best by travelers (2020).

Moshir Al Mamalek Garden Hotel

2- Moshir Al Mamalek Garden Hotel
The first Hotel/Garden in Iran.
A unique stay in a desert garden in Yazd city, and experience a dreamy sleep in the heart of Qajar history. A Qajar garden hotel with a 13000 sqm area with completely traditional architecture and new facilities makes your dream come true. Our unique architecture, our location, facilities, and low distance to the historical sites are a part of our hotel's charm for the tourists. The hotel has been registered in the List of Heritage Sites of Iran with the number of 7778.

Arg New Hotel

3- Arg New Hotel
Are you Looking for a place to stay in Yazd? Then look no further, the Arg-E-Jadid Hotel(2017), a 4-star family-friendly hotel that brings you closer to the best ones of Yazd. The Yazd Arg-E-Jadid Hotel is a tranquil, quiet hotel where you can get a calm sleep. A calm place with easy and fast access to the Zoroastrian historical sites like Towers of Silence and Fire Temple so you can visit them easily.

 Laleh Hotel Yazd

4- Laleh Hotel
A great valuable Qajar house in the heart of Yazd old city where you can make sink yourself in its deep history and architect. This is one of the most stunning homes restored in Yazd that is changed to a nice hotel. This was used as a house until the year 1978. The hotel is located in the heart of Yazd, close to shopping malls and historical sites, making it easy to access these places. you have the best of Yazd while you are at the Laleh Hotel, making your stay pleasant and relaxing.

Dad Hotel

5- Dad Hotel
As one of the unique 4star hotels in Yazd province is located in the heart of the historic city. It is a unique example of a classic Persian Hotels in Yazdi style. It is adjacent to the most famous historical sites, including the Zoroastrian fire temple, central Mosque, Water Museum, Alexander Prison, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, and Fahadan historic neighborhood. The Hotel’s magnificent and charming architecture encourages you to watch them for hours and make a memory in your mind by each brick of this grandeur monument. With the help of all its human and non-human factors, this hotel always strives to provide the best services for travelers and tourists.

Kohan Traditional Hotel

6-Kohan Traditional Hotel
If you are searching for an old traditional house/hotel close to the historical site this is one of the best selections. Kohan Traditional Hotel an old hotel/house with all Iranian architectural elements and in the center of Yazd city in the vicinity of main historical sites like Lariha house, Alexander Prison, Twelve Emam Tomb, Traditional Bazar, Jame Mosque, and Coin Museum. A special and unique experience in an old house with Iranian architecture's elements, beautiful traditional rooms with a green yard view, a wooded courtyard with serenity, and a deep experience of Iranian architect history will be the result of staying in this historic house
While staying at Traditional Kohan Hotel,

Firooze Traditional Hotel

7-Firooze Traditional Hotel
Planning to visit the ancient city of Yazd? Then, you must be searching for a hotel or house to stay some nights at.
One of your selection can be the 3-star Firoozeh Traditional Hotel. It is located in the center of Yazd and many significant landmarks of the city are just nearby. Firoozeh Traditional Hotel is a newly renovated traditional house and has been welcoming guests since 2016.

8- Fazeli Traditional Hotel
if you are going to stay at an old traditional hotel/house with a unique view and architecture, this is one of the best ones. A newly established house/hotel with a new facility that is founded in 2016. This old monument includes the main yard, rooms, restaurant, and the coffeehouse which is proud of its Iranian traditional design and architecture. Our spectacular location to Jame mosque(just a few steps) will let you not only enjoy the view of the mosque at night(from our roof restaurant) but also you can visit easily all the main historical sites like Amir Chaqmagh sq and mosque, Fahadan area and Alexander Prison.

Moshir Carevanserai Hotel

9- Moshir Carevanserai Hotel
In the heart of the ancient city of Yazd, the 2-star Yazd Moshir Caravanserai is ready to welcome you. From this hotel you have easy access to most of the city's famous tourist attractions. In addition, as the hotel is located near the main street, public transport is easy to access.

arsian Safaiyeh Hotel

10- Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel
The only 5-star chain hotel in Yazd with a good location and easy access to the main historical sites of Yazd. If you are going to travel to Yazd and a lux and comfortable hotel are to your taste, this is the best. It is Provided an ideal mix of the traditional architectural elements, new and modern facilities, comfort, and convenience, it offers a family-friendly setting with an array of amenities designed for travelers like you.