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The Silk Road Restaurant

One hundred meters away from the Yazd Grand Mosque, there is a beautiful and remarkable cafe. From the small door of the Silk Road Hotel, you enter a narrow and beautiful corridor to reach the courtyard. The Silk Road Hotel with its traditional restaurant is a favorite place among the tourists in Yazd for its laidback atmosphere and a charming central courtyard. You can enjoy the Persian dishes in its traditional yard with a blue pool with its redfish. The ambiance of the hotel will guide you to the deep history of Yazd architecture.

The pond full of redfish and lush trees is the first eyes of this beautiful house to be welcomed. The beautiful beds around the courtyard and inside the magnificent hall promise the guests to enjoy their dinner under the starry sky or to make beautiful moments of drinking tea together. This beautiful and lively area with attractive Iranian architecture creates a sense of cheerfulness and intimacy in every traveler and guest of this traditional house. This hotel is an attractive and memorable place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack.