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Art House Cafe

If you want to see a pleasant sunset and a wonderful view of Yazd, the roof of Yazd Art Cafe is one of the best places for this. This cafe is located in the center of Yazd and is one of the most ones. For those who care more about the dining experience and the whole space and quality than the food itself, the Art Café is a unique place; This cafe has very good, delicious, and varied drinks, but maybe the stomachs addicted to kebabs and minced meat stew will not come out of this cafe very happy.

Art House Cafe Yazd

At the time of sunset, this cafe becomes a relatively crowded place, and if you want to see the sunset or a place to sit, you must be in this cafe before sunset. Few can be dissatisfied with seeing these sights and the way the young and friendly staff of the cafe is entertained.