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Tehran Food and Beverage
Special Foods In Tehran Province and especially in the city of Tehran various types of pleasant foods are served. Best cocks from all over the country have come to Tehran and serve various types of Iranian traditional foods in an extended number of restaurants. Besides the Iranian foods, specific restaurants serve foreign foods like Indian, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, Swiss, French, and Japanese foods as well. There are also traditional restaurants with tradition interior design and in most of them serve foods like Abgusht or other national Iranian foods is accompanied by Iranian national and classic Iranian music. However, everywhere in Tehran Province, there are restaurants that serve foods like Chelo-kabab, Juje-Kabab, Khoresh-Gheyme, Ghorme-Sabzi,... among which CheloKabab has a specific place and Juje-kabab is one of the most popular foods. Time to Eat The eating time in Tehran Province, just like other parts of the country, is closely related to the prayer time. Usually, early in the morning after morning prayer (sunrise) first the father or one of the children of the family prepare fresh bread (Sangak and Barbari are amongst the most famous types of Iranian bread) and then they have a pleasant breakfast consisting of cheese, butter, jam, and a cup of tea with other members of family. At noon, that is 12 in winter and 13 in summer, till 14 is lunch time. Some are used to take a light snack in the afternoon as well. In the afternoon, after the evening prayer, most people have dinner from 7 to 9; however, restaurants serve food until 12 am.

Price of the best meal in a classy Price of Foods restaurant is 200.000 to 700.000 Rials(2.5 up to 5 US$ last update 2019) that is about to 2 to 5 Euros. Of course, traditional foods in traditional restaurants are much cheaper. Let's not forget that foods in Tehran are relatively more expensive than the other cities of Iran. In other cities of the province, especially in countryside and tourist areas, foods like Abgusht and kebab are served as expensive as good restaurants, but the quality of foods and service are not as such; however, the environment and beautiful nature make the food pleasant.

How to cook rice:
First, boil the rice for 30 minutes, and then put the pot on low fire till it's brewed. Rice is served either with beans and especial herbs or simply with saffron on the top. Such rice would be served with various types of stew.

Tehran Food and Beverage


Iranians love candies. Although there is no specific national candy in Tehran, the candies of other cities, like Gaz (Isfahan), Sohan (Ghom), Baghlava (Yazd), Pashmak (Yazd), Nan-Berenji (Kermanshah), Zulbia and Bamieh, are easy to find. Shops in Tehran offer a variety of local and imported chocolates and candies that are difficult to find anywhere else in the country. Nice cakes and European candies are also easy to find in Tehran.
Drinks One of the oldest drinks in Iran is yogurt drink. Besides, various drinks with distilled herbs are available as well. Fuzzy or soft yogurt drink is served with various spices and herbs. In summer, other drinks like Yakh-Dar-Behesht and Khakshir are served in most parts of the city. Tea is also a popular drink all over Tehran Province that is served in houses, restaurants, and traditional tea houses. Normally, tea is served with either local candies or fresh dates. Drinking tea, especially when it's made by samovar is considerably popular and according to the documents, drinking tea is always accompanied by specific manners and customs in people's culture.