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On The Roof of Tehran: Where you can embrace the capital

In the evening when you want to continue enjoying Tehran's tourism, the Tochal complex at the top of Tehran is a full-scale choice, which is open 24 hours.
You have different choices for doing: walk from the parking to the first station and enjoy different types of activities such as: watching the waterfall, eating different foods, drinking tea, playing paintball, doing archery, etc.
you can admire and enjoy the panoramic view of Tehran's Megacity and make fresh yourself with cool mountainous weather. At the first station of the Tochal recreational complex, all the activities start and you have a lot of options. take a cable car (there is a limitation for the cable car system and at night it is always off), or play tennis or just sit and watch the view. Eat Kebab or fresh fruit juice. It's alive and you can meet the current youth culture of Tehran.

On The Roof of Tehran

If you are a hiking and mountain lover, This is the easiest option for you that park your car down in Touchal complex parking and take the walk on the beautiful road to the first station of Touchal Cable Car and 'Baam-e Tehran' in Tehran.

Tehran Free Walking Tour

Baam-e Tehran' known as 'The Roof of Tehran' is located at the end of Velenjak Street. But the end is your beginning. The complex starts from Velenjak at a height of 1,830 meters. For hours, you can walk in the Tochal mountain pathway and enjoy the fresh air far from smog and Tehran's pollution. But these are not the only things sought by those who go there. Since Iranians love good food, there are many restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets to satisfy the stomach with Iranian and international cuisine. Besides, you will find stalls where you can buy workout clothes, sportswear, hiking equipment and equipment, and even flower pots and plants or other things that have never thought about them.
The Telecabin and around the area is super busy on Thursday, Friday, and public holidays when the local people are here as much for socializing as the skiing or hiking; on such days waits of an hour or more in line are not uncommon.