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Top 10 Tabriz Restaurants

Although Tabriz City is known as Iran's capital of candy, it has a lot to say and so much thing to offer in the food industry. Almost half of most mouth-watering sweets in Iran are made in Tabriz's factories.
Tabriz and its delicious table
Tabriz, with a whole range of salty and sweet or sour tastes and also different dishes has an important role in Iran's food history. This influence in the history of Iranian cuisine is so great that some dishes such as "Tabrizi meatball" have the Tabrizi suffix or are known all over Iran by their own Azari names. They are a mix of culture and customs, historical ups and downs, religion, and the extracts of natural ingredients that are cooked and made ready by the art of the artistic women. You can find these mouth-watering foods in all Tabriz restaurants. If you are going to discover the west of Iran, Tabriz, and its colorful dishes can surprise you well.

Tabriz Berkeh Restaurant

Berkeh Restaurant, Tabriz

Nice & natural environment with awesome interior design. The very nice and warm atmosphere combined with a tasty menu and, a good arrangement of sitting places with the high rate of customer satisfaction.


Haj Ali Restaurant, Tabriz bazaar

Haj Ali Restaurant

If you like to kill two birds with one stone, this restaurant is the best place. While you are visiting the most beautiful covered Bazarr in Tabriz, at lunchtime this 100-year-old restaurant is the best place to test the traditional Iranian dishes.

Why do locals love it?
- High quality.
- Patient staff.
- Fresh and local ingredients.
- Traditional style of the restaurant.
- The old manager who always smiles.

Ana Restaurant located in Tabriz city

Ana Restaurant

The Ana restaurant is one of the top 10 restaurants in Tabriz, with a garden of fruit trees and fragrant flowers to relax the guests on the outskirts of Tabriz city. If you are planning to visit the Kandavan village(Iranian Cappadocia), this restaurant will be a suitable place to rest for you and your companions on the way from Tabriz to this historical village. A wide variety of kebabs and traditional foods of Tabriz along with a wide-beautiful and green environment will have an unforgettable memory for you.

Amir Kabir Restaurant in Tabriz City

Amir Kabir Restaurant

Would you like to have lunch in a historical place?
An old Ice-house(400-year-old) is renovated and turned into a traditional restaurant. This historical restaurant has been renovated with its main materials and elements, such as bricks and clay. When you are at this historic place, all the historical feelings of this place will be passed to you.

Delestan Restaurant in Tabriz City

Delestan Restaurant

If you are a group or big family with different types of tastes, this restaurant offers you various kinds of Iranian traditional dishes or all kinds of fast food. This Fast Food/Restaurant with a traditional ambiance(Arch, decoration, pond, and Iranian decoration) is a cozy place in the heart of Tabriz to relax after a one-day tour. Thus, if you are eager to try the best Tabrizi traditional dishes like Koofte Tabrizi(Tabriz meatballs), this is your ideal place.

Baligh or Baliq Restaurant in Tabeiz

Baligh Restaurant

If you are bored with Iranian traditional Kebab or traditional dishes, the Baligh or Baliq Restaurant with different Sea Foods is calling you. While you are visiting Tabriz, and searching for a high-quality restaurant with great seafood, Nowhere, and no restaurant will satisfy you except Baligh restaurant. This bizarre thematic restaurant with a nice sea decoration and all kinds of fish dishes including shark, pamphlet, sturgeon, trout, salmon, shrimp, and its signature fish kebab, is the best place to enjoy the Iranian seafood cuisine style.

Barcode Restaurant in Tabriz
Barcode Restaurant

Suppose you are planning to spend a whole day in a great restaurant. In that case, the Barcode restaurant will be your best choice with a variety of beverages, Iranian and international food, and a diverse list of fast food. You will have an unforgettable day with the professional chefs and baristas of this restaurant who have made ready a list of the best yummy things.
Start your day with a great coffee, while you are talking with your friends, order one of the delicious dishes for lunch for you and your family and try a different taste. The professional baristas of this collection will prepare a feast of taste for you with a variety of non-alcoholic drinks with special Iranian flavors. These endless and unrepeatable orders can happen many times and many times. So, on your next trip to Tabriz, put these restaurants on your bucket list.

Shazdeh Restaurant in Tabriz City
Shazdeh Restaurant

Visiting the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz is always interesting, this program would be more delicious if you have lunch in a new restaurant with the old environment and a combination of wood and copper, which are decorated with old bricks and carpets. All are done in elegance and originality, beauty and love. Shazdeh Restaurant is located in Tabriz Grand Bazaar. The colorful menu of Shazdeh Restaurant includes a variety of traditional Azerbaijani and Tabriz dishes with the best taste. A time lunch at this restaurant is a good chance to visit Tabriz Bazaar and a different taste of Iranian cuisine.

Nobar (Bath) Restaurant in Tabriz City
Nobar (Bath) Restaurant

Public baths are one of the most attractive sights of Iran for tourists. Although these baths are not active at the moment, it is not difficult to understand how they feel and how they work.
Some of these places have turned into historical restaurants. They not only show the history and architecture of Iran but serve their guests with traditional and delicious meals. If you are looking for one of these baths to enjoy a traditional lunch in an old and pleasant environment after the Tabriz city tour, Nobar restaurant is one of them.
This restaurant was an old public bathroom which is renovated and turned into a traditional restaurant, when you are there, can feel the old rich culture of Tabriz. The colorful decor, the sound of the water fountain, its design full of calmness, and the decoration of the nice delicious Tabrizi dishes can make an unforgettable place for you.

Vahid Chain Coffee Shop and Restaurants

If you are searching for a luxury chain Restaurant in Tabriz the Vahid Chain Coffee Shop and Restaurants is your final selection. This complex with 3 branches across Tabriz City offers various kinds of Iranian and international dishes, fast foods, ice cream, and beverages. This complex with delicious, fresh, and tasty foods and experienced staff can force you to back there twice.