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Tabriz Constitution House, The place of secret and top-secret meetings

If you are interested in historical tours and historical places, Tabriz Constitutional House with an important and effective role in Iran's constitutional history will be one of your best choices in Tabriz city. This building not only displays the unique architecture of the Qajar era but also symbolizes the fight against tyranny and reminds us of the struggles of the political and social leaders of the people of Tabriz in the Iranian constitutional movement. This historical house has been the most important place for gathering, organizing, and publishing the news of the leaders of the Tabriz Constitutional Revolution, Star Khan and Baqer Khan (1921).
Tabriz House of Constitution is located at Motahari Ave in the vicinity of Tabriz Bazaar and the main historical sites of Tabriz(Visit 1-day Tabriz tour). This house was the most important place for political, social, and protest leaders of the people of Tabriz who were present in the early 19th century. Sattar Khan, Baqer Khan, Thaqatul Islam Tabrizi, and Haji Mirza Agha Farshi were the most important leaders of this uprising.

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Tabriz Constitution House

This old historical house is dedicated to presenting the history of the Qajar dynasty and its architecture. this two-story monument was constructed by the order of Haj Mehdi Koozekanani in 1868. This two-story building with 1300 square meters and various rooms and halls, internal and external parts, original Iranian traditional decorations, and some historical objects will satisfy all visitors. After the Second World War and in the years (1946-1947), this house became the meeting place of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan and it was again noticed by social and political leaders. This house was registered by the Cultural Heritage of Iran In 1975.

How to visit

Tabriz Constitutional House is a mysterious house. If you enter Tabriz Constitutional House, you will see statues of people like Akhund Khorasani, Zainab Pasha (the only famous constitutionalist woman), and Ali Akbar Dehkhoda that will surprise you. The house includes a  basement, and two-floor buildings each one has its own unique decoration. The internal and external parts of the house (“Andaruni” and “Biruni”)with Qajar period architecture present some historical objects related to the history of Tabriz and popular protests and their leaders.

The Yard of Tabriz Constitution House


The courtyard of the house with a pond full of water, flower crofts, tall columns, the statue of the leaders of the constitutional revolution, old war cannons, and sash-shaped windows will attract the attention of all visitors. Also, the Statues of Sattar Khan and Baqer Khan, known as Sardar-e Melli (national commander) and Salar-e Melli (national leader) respectively are standing at the entrance of the building, will increase the enthusiasm for the freedom and national uprising.


The basement of this house with about 500 volumes of historical and social books and about 300 volumes of books related to constitutionalism is a suitable place for historical-social studies.

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First Floor of Tabriz Constitution House
First Floor

The first floor of this building with 6 rooms decorated with Qajar period decorations is a place to display historical objects such as
- Satar Khan's weapon (one of the leaders of the revolution).
- Various statues of leaders.
- The tools used in this period to print constitutional decrees and announcements.
- Photos of personalities like Muzaffaruddin Shah, Mohammad Ali Shah, and other constitutional opponents.
- Documents related to the constitutional revolution.
- Constitutional carpet.

Second floor  of Tabriz Constitution House
Second Floor

The most beautiful part of this house is the verandas of the second floor and Shahneshin, which stand out with colored windows, and a wooden ceiling with prominent decorations. The doors and windows are also decorated with salami designs and flowers and leaves.