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These Top 10 reasons will attract you to Shiraz

Shiraz, as one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist cities in Iran, has many reasons to attract you. The Shiraz and suburb's historical, cultural, artistic, and natural attractions fascinate you. When you start planning a tour to Iran, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to visit on your trip. Shiraz is one of the most important destinations that you can definitely visit when traveling to Iran. Persepolis, Pasargad, Hafez's tomb, Saadi's tomb, mosques, mausoleums, Synagogues, and many other historical and cultural attractions, forms the historical and cultural attractions of this province.
Shiraz can be called the bride of Persian literature and history. The city is famous not only for its historical houses, gardens, and mosques but also for the famous poets (Hafez and Saadi) who were born and raised in the city. In this article, we want to introduce the top 10 amazing attractive things about Shiraz.

If you are reading this, you are probably one step away from falling in love with this fascinating city.

Shiraz has a very moderate climate.

- Shiraz has a very moderate climate.

Shiraz is located in the Southwest of Iran and has a very moderate climate. All seasons of Shiraz and Fars provinces are attractive and beautiful so you can enjoy them. In spring, when the Plains and innumerable orange trees blossom, you can smell the scent of roses and flowers in the air. The city is known as " The city of Flowers and Nightingales". In summer when the days are sunny and the sky is serenely blue, the nights are cool and pleasant. Autumn in Shiraz is truly the “season of mist and mellow fruitfulness”; and winter has its own wonders as in Shiraz in winter you may experience sunny, rainy, and even snowy days.

Shiraz, the city of dessert and Herbal distillates

- Shiraz, the city of dessert and Herbal distillates

Come to Shiraz and enjoy its various local foods and desserts. Kalam Polo is a favorite and main traditional dish with rich and various ingredients like cabbage, rice, and vegetables. Kashk o Badenjan or (Smoked aubergines with Kashk), a delicious appetizer for vegetarians and especially eggplant lovers served with Kashk, an Iranian sauce. For dessert, how about traditional ice creams or Shirazy Paloode with rose extract or saffron?

Shiraz, The cradle of the Iran Empire

-Shiraz, The cradle of the Iran Empire

Immerse yourself in the history of Iran and the footsteps of ancient Roman history, while you walk through the ruins of the great Achaemenid and Sassanid empires.
You can see yourself in the middle of the pages of the World’s oldest history books while you are visiting Persepolis, the Vatican of Achaemenians, and Necropolis the art exhibit of Achaemenian and Sassanid for whom the mountains were canvas and the ax was the brush.

Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Muslims, live in peace and harmony in shiraz

-Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Muslims, live in peace and harmony

Shiraz is one of the most important cities in Iran, where different religions have lived together for many years. The existence of prestigious Muslim mosques and holy shrines, alongside the Jewish synagogue - numerous churches and Zoroastrian fire temples - testify to the peaceful coexistence of religions.

Shiraz, The city of historical and dreamy Persian Gardens

-Shiraz, The city of historical and dreamy Persian Gardens

Shiraz has the largest number of historical gardens in Iran. Shiraz Eram Garden - Jahan Nama Garden - Delgosha Garden - Afifabad Garden or Golshan Garden - Ghavam Orange Garden - Haft Tanan Garden - Nazar Garden - and Shiraz National Garden are the most important gardens in Shiraz. Eram Garden is the most famous among them, which has been registered as a worldwide heritage site. Intoxicate yourself with the scent of flowers and garden plants while you are strolling through the gardens of Shiraz.

Most Famous Iranian Gardens

Shiraz the city of Poetry and literature

-Shiraz the city of Poetry and literature

Saadi is the most famous Iranian tourist who has written his travelogues to Anatolia, Syria, Egypt, Halab, Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medina in two famous books called Golestan and Bustan. Hafez is the identity of Shiraz and this city is tied to the name and emblem of this great Iranian poet. The trip to Shiraz completes by visiting the Hafiz tomb. Goethe among many other prominent personages has visited Hafez's tomb in Shiraz. Among other poets of Shiraz, the following names can be mentioned: Wasaf Shirazi - Shoorideh Shirazi - Khajavi (Khajeh) Kermani - Sheikh Roozbehan - Sibouyeh - Baba Koohi.

Shiraz Ecotourism: Nature and nomads of Shiraz are calling you

-Shiraz Ecotourism: Nature and nomads of Shiraz are calling you

Shiraz is one of the important destinations for nature tours and nomads.
Shiraz is surrounded by mountains and it is just a matter of some minutes if you suddenly feel like hiking or trekking while sitting in your hotel room looking at the mountains through the window. The natural features around Shiraz allow tourists to choose from a variety of nature tours. Protected Areas - Diverse Caves - Wide and Large Plains - Diverse Rivers - Long and exciting rocks and finally the zealous nomads would be the best choice for your nature tours.

Do you interested in ethnology tourism?

-Do you interested in ethnology tourism?

You can have a unique experience of visiting Qashqai nomads and their lifestyle in passing one day to another by husbandry and livestock breeding. In this live anthropological museum, you can experience the lifestyle of the nomads - folk music - and their hospitality.

 Persepolis palace Gifts from various countries to the Achaemenid monarch on the wall of the Apadana palace

-Fars province is a museum of various arts

Fars province is a special museum of various arts from 2500 BC to recent centuries. A variety of Achaemenid and Sassanid sculptures - Roman and Byzantine architecture - Islamic mosques - various tile works - Iranian-Islamic monuments - caravanserais - decorative arts - and a variety of handicrafts are unique museums of Iranian art that can be seen in Fars province and especially in Shiraz.

-Shiraz, the city of Medical tourism

 Shiraz offers you different medical or cosmetic surgery.
Shiraz is one of the medical centers in Iran and Shiraz University is one of the best in Asia. Iranian specialists with different diagnostic and therapeutic specialties are among the prominent doctors of Europe and America. You can search the celebrities, that have chosen Iran for their plastic surgery recently.

Medical Tourism