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7 best houses/hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz is your second home. Where you feel comfortable like a local.
Shiraz is the city of Flowers and Nightingales - the city of literature, art, and the cradle of the Persian Great Empire. The diversity and variety of historical, cultural, artistic, and natural monuments of Shiraz have made this city one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran. You need a week to visit all the sights of Shiraz.
We introduce you to seven houses/hotels so that you can stay in an old house every night.
By staying in these historic houses you will become more familiar with the culture, history, architecture, and art of Shiraz,  and enjoy it. Shiraz Traditional houses are the symbol of comfort and tranquility in Iran’s hospitality industry. These houses with a lush green yard, blue pool with their redfish, colorful tile work, decorated rooms, and Sash colored window to the yard are fraught with love, art, and hospitality. These traditional houses serve you in the best way while being pocket friendly for solo travelers and backpackers.

If you want to touch the Persian culture and lifestyle, don't miss the opportunity to stay in traditional Shiraz houses.

Darb-e Shazdeh House/Hotel

1- Darb-e Shazdeh House/Hotel
Don't hesitate to stay at an old five-star house/Hotel.
We have designed and created it, to immerse you in the charm of a super luxurious Persian old house. the hotel within Just 1 Km walking distance to Shiraz's main historical sites, is a perfect base for curious tourists eager to discover the essence of Iranian hospitality. This magnificent building is not only a magnificent cozy shelter but also an eye-catching showcase of the Qajar period's architecture. Darbe Shazdeh is a jewel of Iranian architecture, for those, who want to recognize the Persian culture and architecture more.

Lotus traditional House/Hotel

2- Lotus traditional House/Hotel
A pleasant event for you on your trip to Shiraz is staying in an old house with original Iranian architecture and special decorations of that period. This will come true for you at the Lotus Hotel. This old house makes true your dream of an old house's staying. A 200 years old house( Qajar era) with a green yard, under the shadow of an Orange tree, some rooms around the central yard, a small blue pool with fish, traditional windows with colorful glasses, narrow stairways plus the hospitable staff. The peaceful and friendly atmosphere of the house along with all of its beauty encourage all the tourist to stay here, to recognize the soul of Iranian architecture and beauty. This would be a great opportunity for you to complete your trip to Shiraz with a unique old house/hotel.

Sepehri Traditional House

3- Sepehri Traditional House
One of the old houses of houses in Shiraz with more than 100 years old. It belongs to the Qajar era and is located in the city center of Shiraz in a cozy place and calm.The last renovation of the hotel in 2018 changed this old house into one of the most beautiful houses/hotels in Shiraz, that hosts travelers from all around the world. The cozy place and friendly staff will add so much joy to your trip to Shiraz.

Homayouni House/ hotel

4-Homayouni House/ hotel
Is Shiraz your destination for discovering Iran's Empire history?
Are you going to find a historical house for a Persian lifestyle?
All your searches will end at Homayouni Hostel belongs 200 years ago, during Qajar Era, a traditional old house with real Iranian decoration and ambiance.
This traditional hostel with eye-catching Persian traditional design and decorations is one of the most beautiful houses in Shiraz. This House/ hotel like all of Shiraz's old houses is located in the old area then you can walk in the old area of Shiraz and discover the culture of the people.

Elephant Boutique House/Hotel

5-Elephant Boutique House/Hotel
Staying in a 250-year-old house with a collection of the most beautiful architectural elements of Iran, including the yard - different seasonal rooms - brick decorations and plastering - colorful windows - multiple trees, and the most important element of Iranian architecture "a pool of water in the middle of the yard" takes you in a deep journey into the history of Iran. We are peacefully situated in the heart of the city of love & poetry, Shiraz, Iran. We have had special lovely attention and passion for the renovation of this 250-year-old  registered cultural heritage monument.

Raz Traditional House/hotel

6-Raz Traditional House/hotel
if you want to stay at a cozy old small house the Raz house/hotel is one of your selections at Shiraz. It is located at Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street the heart of the historical part of Shiraz and in the vicinity of several other traditional houses. Due to its location, some crucial sites in Shiraz are nearby. Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazaar, Saraye Moshir, Nasir-Ol Molk Mosque, Atiq Jame Mosque, and Pars Museum are in close vicinity.
Recent renovations to this old home have made it comfortable accommodation for travelers. Our good location and easy access to historical sites encourage you to walk in old alleys and feel the atmosphere of old shiraz. Just a few steps away, you will be immersed in the ancient bazaar, you will see the Pink mosque or Nasir Al Molk Mosque, one of the most magnificent mosques in Iran, the Naranjestan Palace, the jewel and the wonderful architectural example of Qajar, and the Ali Ibn Hamza shrine. The famous Shiraz gardens with their romantic pavilions and the tombs of Ruzbihan, Hafez, and Saadi are places that the people of Shiraz adore and everyone is close to the hotel.

Forough Traditional Hotel

7-Forough Traditional Hotel
Are you going to stay in a traditional and beautiful hotel in Shiraz?
Would you like to have a journey to the deep history of the traditional houses of Shiraz and make familiar with their architecture? The best choice is to select one of the old houses/hotels in Shiraz. Well, the 3-star Forough Traditional Hotel might satisfy your wishes. This old hotel/ house like all is located in an old area of Shiraz.
You have easy access to public services like taxis and buses and can get to the historical sites. Famous tourist attractions of Shiraz are in the vicinity of the hotel.
You can find numerous old monuments of the Zandieh and Qajar dynasties like Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Citadel, Delgosha Garden, Pars museum, Vakil mosque, and more are close to your hotel, You can reach all of these attractions only within 15 minutes walking.