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These reasons attract your subconscious mind to Shiraz

These reasons attract your subconscious mind to Shiraz
Shiraz is a name that has a mystical aura in the literature and mind of the Iranian people. This name evokes different and mysterious forms in the mind of every viewer. Mental imagery such as history, art, towering lines of poetry, and gardens fragrant with the scent of orange blossoms and wine of Shiraz(believed to be the magical potion of the ancient world), which is mixed with the poems of the great poets. Shiraz is one of the main touristic cities in Iran. Shiraz is best-loved among Iranians and tourists for its hospitable and intimate people, and soothing atmosphere. Shiraz is also one of the main holiday destinations.

Qashqai Nomads,The Heroes of the  Fars ancient plain

Qashqai Nomads, The Heroes of the  Fars ancient plain
The Qashqai is one of the largest and most famous tribal confederacies in Iran. They compose a community of settled, semi-settled, and pastoral nomadic households who reside mainly in the Fars region. The confederation is divided into five major tribes and several minor ones. All of these tribes have a common political history, a shared cultural and linguistic heritage, and present social ties. Qashqai speaks the Qashqai language, a dialect of Turkish closely related to Azerbaijani.

The northern part of Fars Province

The Northern part of Fars Province
The road to northern Fars is very picturesque. It goes through a succession of highlands crossed by a spectacular gorge, from whence it makes a long ascent through an, especially fine mountain landscape. Then it takes a straight run over a high plateau through a new succession of highlands. The modern road passes by Pasargadae go to Abadeh and on to Izadkhast, virtually the last important settlement in the Fars province. The old road formerly passed through Eqlid, where some sites of minor historical importance have survived. On the road to Eqlid, one can conveniently visit Sepidan, which has what may be the most extraordinary natural scenery in Fars.

The southern part of Fars province

The southern part of Fars province
 Leaving Shiraz for the south, the traveler sets out on an exciting, ever-changing trek. The road passes through a vast valley, which gradually leads to higher elevations, and after leaving behind a mountain range, enters the great, torrid plane of Larestan. This is bordered on the south by a row of high, isolated cliffs, which separate it from the coast of the Persian Gulf. The road between Shiraz and Lar, which leads farther on to Bandar Abbas, is the most modern (comparatively) of the historical roads of Fars.

Bishapour Palace

Western Part of  Fars province
The road leading to the western regions of Fars and farther on, to Bushehr, goes west from Shiraz, and after crossing a small ridge, enters the vast plain of Dasht-e Arjan (“the Plain of the Millet"). This plain is surrounded by high mountains and contains pastures much frequented by nomads. Formerly, the road passed through the scenic, but very dangerous Kotal-e Pirezan (“the Pass of the Old Woman").